Spectacular RV Outdoor Awning Lights

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Kevin: This is Kevin again with RVingPlanet.com, and we are at the 2016 RV Show in Hershey, Pennsylvania at the largest consumer RV show in the world. We’re gonna get out and look at some RV’s a little bit later, but what we were doing is walking around, finding some fun, interesting newsworthy products for all you RV’ers to check out, add to your collection.

We came across Ron, and Ron is gonna tell us a little bit about what he’s going on with these lights. I think you’re gonna enjoy them. If as an RV’er or wannabe RV’er, if you have been to a campground (which I’m sure you have) and you’ve looked at some of the RV lights that are available for on the awning, and other display I’m sure you’re thinking “Man, I could come up with something cooler with that”, well that’s what Ron’s done. He’s going to explain a little bit about what he has going on, and then we’ll finish up of where you may be able to find these.

Ron: In a nutshell, thanks for coming out and visiting us here today.
Kevin: Yeah, yeah.

Ron: A little quick demo. One of the first kits is this product here. It’s kind of the entry level, SpectraShow set. Gives you the ability to select basic colors. I’ll just hit preset combos, I’ll pick … We’ll go right around Labor Day here. I just selected red, white, and blue and I can just select from an array of effects. I can pick .. That’s chase, twinkle. I look at twinkle and I think “Well, that’s more of a Halloween effect” well, I’ll go to twinkle, play it in purple and orange. I have the ability to select my own colors, so if I want to pastel shades, or if I want to do lime green and turquoise and have a sports team, high school team, pro team and I can deck my lights out. That kit’s made for an awning, roughly 16 foot. If it’s bigger, smaller they’ll still fit fairly well. Very simple amount.

Some of our other controllers, they step up. We go right to a range of wireless WiFi controllers where no internet is needed. You can log into them from any WiFi compatible device. It’s a step up from this kit. Then we have some other controllers where … Like this control here. I’m controlling the bulk of the rest of the booth. The large orbs in the grid, and I can pick … Just go to an effect called “Glow”, or I can go to Glow and select “Wheel” so the Glow will actually scroll through colors.

Kevin: Nice.

Ron: You can more or less have the same thing if you want to do holiday colors, sports colors we can scale these packages for a retailer, we can build a specific 15 foot length, 20 foot length so we can kind of built to suit. Everything from small bulbs, globes. We have high end flexible strip lighting with a single material where there’s not a piece of tin and silicone mounted on top. Helps with a lot of weatherproof and multiple heat expansion rate material issues with the products that I’ve seen on the market.

Some other products are here. We have them on the outside of the booth. We have large globes. Every product in the booth it has the ability to be linked together. Just because it’s one product, it can link in with another just with a certain connection. We can build it right from the base user, all the way up to the manufacture of an RV that wants to have something over the top for a high end RV.

Kevin: That’s very cool. If you’ve been out camping at the campground, and I know my wife … I think we have 3 sets of lights, and different seasons and things. Like Ron just mentioned, I love the idea of the sports teams.

Ron: Who do you like?

Kevin: What’s that?

Ron: Who do you like?

Kevin: I am a local guy. We have a baseball team called “The Loons”.

Ron: Okay. What color are they?

Kevin: They’re red and green. Christmas

Ron: Red and green happens to be too easy, because I know I have red and green in here so I just passed it. Give me a tougher one, something that I might not have.

Kevin: Oh man. Let’s go … Something you might not have?

Ron: I’ll try to do a quick … Say, Miami Dolphins. Kind of orange and turquoise a little bit.

Okay, all right. Yeah, yeah.

Ron: I gotta … The third color might take me a second to get to. I got to shut the third color off.

Kevin: That is so cool. Imagine these strung up along your awning. Maybe get a couple sets, you can link them together you said, right?

Ron: Yes, Sir.

Kevin: You did a couple sets up there?

Ron: I’ll go to solid. It’s kind of the Dolphins colors, and if I want to have it twinkle, say the Dolphins just lost (which is very common) so we could very easily have them bounce back and forth. Very, very simple. If you look at the control it takes me seconds for custom colors, but if I just want to have something simple like Christmas lights, every time a bulb lights up it’ll light up in a different shade of a different color. The same bulb won’t light up in the same color for a long duration.

Kevin: If I wanted to use these, take them off my RV because I live in Michigan, I don’t RV in the middle of December …

Ron: Absolutely.

Kevin: I could take these off and throw them across my deck or my porch?

Ron: Put them on the fascia of your house and you have year-round lighting. Not only for …

Kevin: That’s awesome.

Ron: Actually, with the built in color sections you can have Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, kind of Halloween-y, little bit of pastels but almost Mardi Gras colors, Halloween again, Fourth of July, Labor Day, more Halloween.

Kevin: All right. Ron, thank you so much. I know you guys are going to want to get a hold of a set of these and we’ll have a link below in the show notes of where you can go find these. I know Ron is going to give us a website address, but hopefully we’ll be able to find these at a local RV sales retailer near you soon.

Ron: That’s correct. We’re helping out, we’re working with a lot of different outlets and channels and look forward to hearing any input. If someone wants a new product too, don’t hesitate to ask, they can build it in no time.

Kevin: All right, will do. Thank you again, and I’ll see you online at RVingPlanet.com