RV Leveling Made Simple

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Kevin: Hi. This is Kevin with RVing Planet. We’re back here at the Hershey RV Show in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and if you haven’t been out here yet, by the way, you need to get out here. I know probably when you’re watching this, the show is over, but make plans for next year. You do not want to miss this show.

What I want to introduce to you right now is you know we’ve been going around trying to find some really cool, fun, interesting, newsworthy products to show you guys, and I walked by this one, I don’t know, an hour ago. I’ve been trying to get Larry here, find him in his booth. He’s been walking around talking to people, which is good, but now we’re back and I’ve got him.

Those of you that are currently RVers, you pull up to a campsite and you go to level your RV. What do you got to mess with? You got to mess with the side to side, the front to back. I’ve tried the little stick-ons on my travel trailer. After a while they fall and they tilt and it doesn’t work. Now, I’ve got the leveling side on the floor, and I’ve got my wife trying to tell me when I’m good. How does that work out for you, guys? Not very well most of the time, right? I’ve had that experience. Yeah. Right?

Larry: Right.

Kevin: You know. Right. Everybody is sitting around the campground looking at you.

Larry: Oh, yeah.

Kevin: While you’re having this experience right? Isn’t that true?

Larry: Exactly.

Kevin: Right. Anyway-

Larry: You feel like a real rookie.

Kevin: I know! Every time.

Larry: No matter how much experience you have.

Kevin: Every time. I’m going to turn this over to Ron, so he can tell you about his RV Leveler product and I think you’re really going to enjoy this.

Larry: You need to determine what you have to do to make the trailer level left and right first, so you’ve got to put boards underneath the wheels on one side of the trailer. That way you can raise up. I created a device that will tell you exactly what that board thickness will be. Whenever you get to your campsite, with my device mounted onto the side of the trailer, it will give you a board thickness and a direction.

This particular unit is saying 1.4 inches, and this side of the trailer needs to come up. When you pull up onto that board thickness, that correction through your meter you can see the lights change state to solid green, so you know when to stop, so like your wife yelling, “Whoa,” or you hear other people in the campground yelling, “Whoa,” no longer need to do that because you as the driver know when to stop.

Kevin: This mount you want it to stop, so if I’m sitting in my vehicle looking out my rear-view mirror there, right?

Larry: Correct.

Kevin:This actually mounts where? As a driver, where do I see that exactly?

Larry: This would be on the side of the trailer and this is what goes onto the trailer and stays on the trailer. I call it a nest. The device slides into the nest, and it’s visible from the driver’s seat-

Kevin: I see.

Larry: Through the mirror.

Kevin: Even when it’s dark out.

Larry: Even when it’s sunlight.

Kevin: Oh, okay. Right. That’s the hardest.

Larry: Because dark is-

Kevin: I agree.

Larry: Because dark is no big deal.

Kevin: That’s true.

Larry: Sunlight is the problem.

Kevin: All right.

Larry: To deal with that, I created a sun shield.

Kevin: Ahh. Nice.

Larry: Because in development I found myself doing this every now and-

Kevin: Very nice.

Larry: Again in bright sunlight. There’s also a rechargeable battery. As RVers, we should be concerned about the environment, and it will give you a position for disconnect, level front to back, and also connect, so you teach it those positions-

Kevin: Nice.

Larry: For your specific tow vehicle, trailer combination. Teach it with the what is level left to right with the slides open, so that whenever you get to the campsite, it will be compensated, that it’ll be compensate for your level left to right.

Kevin:  A lot of times I can get my trailer level without the slide open, but as soon as the slide comes open, I get that little bit of tilt this way.

Larry: Exactly.

Kevin: Ah, okay.

Larry: Exactly.

Kevin: Awesome.

Larry: The advantage is no guessing, no frustration, and no arguments with your spouse.

Kevin: Nice, and that’s worth it right there.

Larry: Yeah.

Kevin: Fantastic. Now, I saw some pictures up here, Larry, so I’m guessing that you’re an RVer, I know for sure.

Larry: Yes.

Kevin: Right?

Larry: Yes.

Kevin: Okay, so how this product come about?

Larry: Just out of my own frustration and also seeing that there’s really nothing between a bubble level and a fully automated leveling system. You’re talking $5, $5,000, so there’s a pretty big hole in the market.

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah. Awesome. Fantastic. All right. We can find this product at ReVoLeveler.com. If you check the show notes down below, we’ll be sure to have a link back to this website, so you guys can check out that product. RVing season is coming to an end here in the Midwest and the North, but Christmas is coming up, and this would be an awesome perfect stocking stuffer for your spouse.

Larry: Absolutely.

Kevin: For this Christmas season. All right. Fantastic. Check out rvingplanet.com. Check out all the RVs on there, and we’ll see you guys online.