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Kevin: This is Kevin again with rvingplanet.com and as you guys know, we’re at the 2016 RV show in Hershey, Pennsylvania. We been going around checking out some new, exciting, fun products to bring to you guys, to show you what’s up and coming. We walked past Mark and his product. I’ll let him tell you what it is. You probably already got a good idea right? I was really excited. As an RV’er myself, I’m looking at this thing going, “All right, so no more pop-up, weird garbage cans,” and I’m sure there’s a benefit he’s going to tell us about. I’m not going to steal his thunder. Mark, go ahead and tell us about what you got going over at the Bag Caddy.

Mark: Great. My product is the Bag Caddy and it’s a portable support device that works with an over the counter trash bag to create a trash receptacle. It has many features. Number one is it has a carrying handle, so that it makes it easy to transport to and from a location. The second thing is it’s very compact, so it’ll fit in the back of an SUV, it’ll fit in the back of an RV or in camp. It doesn’t take up much space. When you get to your destination, it’s real easy to set up. All you do is release the die cut, and the bag caddy unrolls. You have a handle side and you have a slit side. All you do is merge the two together and use the handle as a locking mechanism. In matter of just a couple of seconds, the product is set up, and you’ve got handles on the side.

A nice feature about the Bag Caddy is across the top, you have four evenly spaced die cuts. This locks the bag in place and all you do then is drop the bag in the middle, hang it over the edges and then just lock it in place. Now the product’s locked in place. You can use it, you can fill it and it never collapses. Let me give you an example. You put the product in, it doesn’t collapse in the middle, which is a nice feature because a lot of times people use a product that collapses and they hang the bag over the edge and they constantly have to continue to hang it over the edge. This locks in place. You just fill it.

If it’s windy, here’s another nice feature, below the handle you have a little anchor tab so you can take a camping stake and just put it in the ground. You can anchor it, tether it so it never blows away if it’s windy. When the product’s full, if the Bag Caddy is full, it’s real easy to dispose of your bag, which is another feature. All you do is reverse the process. You unhook the tabs, tie your bag off, and then you lift the Bag Caddy over the top, so you never have to struggle to get it out of the container. Any container that has a bottom creates a vacuum so you have tendency to tear your bag when you’re pulling it out-

Kevin: That never happens to me.

Mark: It never happens.

Kevin: Yeah right.

Mark: Now when it’s time to go, all you do is unhook your die cuts here, the handle, and push your handle through and you just roll it back up. It’s really simple to use. You got a couple of die cuts here that re-mount into themselves. Believe it or not, in a matter of minutes, you’re ready to go. You can store it back on the shelf, put it in the garage, or you can put it in the trunk, or the SUV or RV.

Kevin: That is fantastic. I’m sure all you all RVers out there or RV wannabes think this is a great product. Mark, where can they get it if they want to go pick one up?

Mark: Well we have a website. It’s called bagcaddystore.com, and we’re on Amazon. You canĀ  call us direct and get it there and we’re always looking for people who want to distribute our products.

Kevin: Bagcaddystore.com.

Mark: Bagcaddystore.com.

Kevin: We’ll make sure we get that on the website and show it down below. Man, check out the product there. We’ll put the link there. Hope you guys get out to an RV show near you and check out all these fun, cool, interesting products as you go out and live the RV lifestyle for yourself. We’ll catch you online at rvingplanet.com.

Mark: Thank you.