Do More With Exterior RV Accessory Mounts

Show Notes



Kevin:    This is Kevin, again. We’re, here, at the RV Show in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and like I mentioned earlier, going around trying to find some fun, interesting, news worthy, products to let you guys know about as you’re out enjoying the RV lifestyle, or thinking about buying a new one. As an RV owner, myself, one of things I’m always looking for in an RV is where to put stuff. How do I put stuff in cabinets, and drawers, and storage cabinets? A lot of times, on the outside of the RV, I’m looking for how can I use the outside space of the RV not just to store stuff, but to hang stuff and make it useful? We came across this really cool product that I’m going to let Wayne tell us about.

Wayne:    Gostik Products manufactures accessory mounts for the outside of your RV, anything from a television, to a fan, to a security lighting, flags. You simply put it where you want it. You pump it down until it will not pump anymore. It’s a vacuum cup. Yeah, easy for me to do.

Wayne:    Once it quits pumping, the plate goes in the back of your TV, and it hangs like so. Fan mounts the same way. Fan, TV, security lighting, flags, can be put anywhere on the outside of the RV without having to drill anything in. We also have tablet GPS mounts. Mounts for your generator exhaust. Everybody’s looking for a way to mount these without having to drill in. This works extremely well. Towel bars for the outside of the RV, you can hang your towels out. They dry out very nicely for detail towels, pool towels, bath towels, what have you. Then we also have the easiest flag mount that you’ll ever use. Comes with a six-foot aluminum spinner pole, so it never tangles. When you want to put it up, just have a smooth, clean, surface. Put it where you want it. Put a little pressure on it. Flip the handles, and your flag is up in less than 30 seconds.

Kevin:    That is awesome.

Wayne:    Works great on the windshield or the side of the RV. We have a little shower for rinsing off outside. You come back from the beach, your feet are all sandy, you can simply rinse them off without having to go in the RV and do it.

Kevin:    That is awesome, Wayne. The flagpole, I love that, awesome idea. I’ve an outside shower on my travel trailer, and it’s always pulling it out, and I’m trying to do this kind of thing. That is fantastic.

Wayne:    These just make it very easy to mount things that you’re going to use every day in a convenient location without having to destroy the outside of your RV.

Kevin:    You can check out where you can purchase these accessory mounts. I encourage you to get over there and take a look. Lots of different options for the ways that you can use the outside of your RV.