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Kevin:    This is Kevin, with RVing Planet, here at the 2016 RV show in Hershey, Pennsylvania. It just happens to be the world’s largest consumer RV show. Nate and I came out to the show. You’ve seen us in some other videos, I think. We’ve come out to the show, and we’re trying to find some fun and interesting accessories, parts, fun and cool stuff you guys can do while you’re out there enjoying the RV lifestyle, or while you’re purchasing a new RV.
We came across Tom and Dave, and they’re going to show us not just a fun and interesting product, but, more importantly, they’re going to show us a product that’s actually truly helpful for a lot of people that want to enjoy the RV lifestyle, but may have a little bit of challenge while they’re doing so.

Tom:    If you’re a person with a mobility impairment, let’s say you have difficulty walking, or you need to use a wheelchair in order to get around, and you’d like to engage in the RV lifestyle. How do you do it? You might have heard of wheelchair-accessible RVs, and that’s great and everything, but they probably cost a whole lot more money, and they give you many fewer choices. One of the great things about being in the RV lifestyle is 14,000 RVs here, you have all these different choices. How can we make that possible for people with disabilities, as well?
Access Unlimited is our company, and we’ve spent the last 23 years developing different products that allow people to get into whatever vehicle they would like to get into. This right here is the Glide and Go XR, and if you look you can see how it’s mounted on the sides of a Class C, Class A, Class B, whatever you need. It mounts right to the side of the RV. It’s fully powered, and it’s a seat, so if you can think of a stair lift for your home, it’s sort of like the same idea except for your RV. You would sit in this seat, right here. Everything locks in place so when you transfer in it’s not going to go flying out of the way. Get up to the right height to be able to transfer in and out. Put it in the rotating position, here. Simply rotate all the way in. Face right into the RV. Lock it in place. Transfer off.
We also make a standing version, so if you’re able to stand and you need just sort of an elevator then this is also available in that version. There’s all kinds of different options. Once you are done transferring, you’re inside the RV, you bring it over here. Now, again, this is mounted right on the side of your RV, typically to the rear of the entry door. I’m going to have Dave, here, stand up, and show you how the seat removes. At this point, we simply take the seat, we fold it down, and the same seat belt that we were using to keep us secure while traveling now just serves as a handle. You can remove, raise the unit, and if you look over there to the side of the RV you’ll see that it would store just behind where the refrigerator is, or next to the awning. This is going to rotate freely.
The good news is, it doesn’t stick out any more than your awning. We bring that up to whatever height is appropriate, stop, and it’s locked in place.Now, what do you do if you’ve got a disability, and you want to transfer inside of your RV, or you’re not able to transfer onto the seat? We have another product that’s called the Multi Lift. This is a multiple-purpose transfer lift which will actually transfer you using a sling into and out of the RV. We sort of have a little bit of a photo of it right here. It picks you right up, out of the wheelchair, into the RV, and you can also go transfer in and out of your bedroom, in and out of your bathroom, again, all without major modification to your RV. Whatever floor plan you have, if you like it, keep that floor plan, and use the Multi Lift to get in and out.

Kevin:    That’s fantastic. I can see, Tom, where this would be super helpful for a lot of people that maybe they’re not wheelchair bound, but maybe they’re just getting a little older, a little challenged with being able to get around as much, to just have a way to get up into the RV to still enjoy the RV lifestyle.

Tom:    The thing is if you’re considering investing $750,000, $250,000, or $100,000 in an RV, and you’re not sure about what your mobility is going to be 5 years from now, this is a great way to sort of take out an insurance policy on your future, and in your investment in the RVing lifestyle.

Kevin:    That’s awesome. Very good. Tom, Dave, we appreciate it very much, excited about what you guys have going on here.
You can check out below in the show notes in the video, and feel free to go over and check out their site, find out where to buy it, how to get it installed.

Tom:    AccessUnlimited.com.

Kevin:    There we go.

Tom:    Also our YouTube channel is YouTube.com/AccessUn, and if you type in the keyword ‘RV’ you will see literally hundreds of videos showing different options of how to gain greater mobility.

Kevin:    All right, very cool. Again, thanks, Tom. We appreciate it.

Tom:    Thanks a million.

Kevin:    All right. Guys, we’ll catch you online, RVingPlanet.com.