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Nate:  Hi, everyone. This is Nate with RVing Planet.

Mark:  And Mark with campgroundviews.com.

Nate:  And we’re here to show you the new Coachmen Freedom Express Select Travel Trailer.

Meg:  I’m Meg Grierson with Coachmen Freedom Express, the product and sales manager.

Nate:  How this become to be? What’s unique about it?

Meg:  The Select came about by us basically decontenting to get closer to a conventional belt trailer. That way we could get some of the business that was entry-level, so that’s what we were looking at. So our regular Freedom Expresses have doors on the end of the dinettes, these don’t but they’re still storage and so on and so forth. There’s very few options on these.

Nate:  What are the top three features, because they added some things, they made it really nice, they kept like certain things. Tell us about that.

Meg:  Correct, we kept everything that’s very important to your campers, your day and night shades, your large countertops, your big sinks, awesome stove over here. This is the same thing that we put in everything else.

we do the little things like the rock climbing wall in some of our bunk houses. So we we kept all the very important features and the look. That was the nice part.

Nate:  Kids love the rock climbing wall.

Meg:  The kids love the rock wall, yes.

Nate:  Compared to the competitors that are also talking the same people that are looking for these kind of trailers, where does this one fit unique and what type of people will love this one?

Meg:  We see a lot of young families that like the selects because they want a hard sided unit or laminated unit. This is a laminated wall with composite material. And we see a lot of young families looking for value and that’s what this one will do. We have Azdel composite material that’s in there. And Azdels used in a lot of automotives. It’s been in the automotive industry for years.

Nate:  Okay, so it’s longer-lasting.

Meg:  Correct, puncture proof, it’s light, 50% lighter than wood. It gives you an added R value, it also will not delaminate the unit. There’s less than a 1% chance that you’ll get a delamination on our side walls.

Nate:  And that never looks good.

Meg:  Exactly, that’s bubbles and ripples.

Nate:  Insulation better too.

Meg:  Correct, three times insulation.

Nate:  All right, awesome. All right, thanks, Meg.

Meg:  Thank you.

Nate:  And if you guys want to check out the Freedom Express Select you can go on rvingplanet.com. Thanks.

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