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Rugged RV - Built like a cabin, Travels like an RV.


Dan Martineau, President and Founder of Rugged Marketing and Distribution, got his start in the RV industry by selling Fish Houses for American Surplus in Forest Lake, MN.


American Surplus & Manufacturing (AS&M) is perhaps better recognized as the ever-popular Ice Castle Fish Houses.  Based in Minnesota since 1993, Ice Castle has become the premier manufacturer of quality ice houses.


Like every great story, this one also came from small beginnings.  Back in 1993, AS&M operated out of what is locally know as Smith Addition.  A small concrete building that housed surplus items for sale and produced sheds and doghouses.  One day in 1997 we were asked to build 10 sheds on wheels. They sold right away and the Ice Castle Fish house was born.


Business was great and we knew that we had something that was unique and special. A product rugged enough to withstand the harshest elements that continued to evolve and improve.


Years later, Dan relocated to sunny Southwest Florida and couldn’t help but notice that despite the thriving local RV market, something was missing. A lack of true outdoor recreation vehicles that are designed, built, and enjoyed by true outdoorsmen.


It was time to unleash Rugged RV nationwide and introduce to enthusiasts The Next Generation RV. Our signature drop-down hydraulic frames will take your adventures to a whole new level.