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Outdoor-obsessed. Design-driven. Quality-focused.


Elisabeth and Travis spent their formal careers in the automotive engineering and EV start-up spaces. As avid adventurers with a passion for California’s wide open spaces, they built a successful luxury RV Rental company. Their own experience of RV products lacking in long-term quality and customer-focused functionality identified a gap in the RV and trailer industry. So they got to work. Starting with their own experience of camping, off-road and family adventures, they concepted an off-road trailer blending compact capabilities with full-size features into a fun, lightweight trailer. 


After assembling a world-class design and development team who were equally passionate about adventure, they went to drawing boards and after 18 months of rigorous testing and development, the "Purpose" was launched. 


Beyond just the product, RKS Off-Road's leadership channeled their collective experience to pave the way for a new approach to trailer development with superior focus on quality and customer experience.