2018 RV Of The Year: Winnebago Horizon Class A Motorhome – in Depth Look from the RVIA Show

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Nate: Hey, folks. This is Nate with RVing Planet.

Mark: And Mark with CampgroundViews.com.

Nate: And we are here to show you the new Winnebago Horizon.

Mark: I explored the outside of the unit, while Nate caught up with Don Cohen.

Don Cohen: Hi, I’m Don Cohen the editor of Winnebago life and that’s Winnebagos lifestyle blog where we have lots of advice on products and trips and just a fun place to come and hang out and read. And today I’m standing in my new favorite kind of Motorhome, it’s the brand new Winnebago Horizon. It’s a new class A diesel pusher motorhome with absolutely truly the first, truly contemporary interior of any Motorhome.

Nate: Definitely, yeah. This is the sleekest Motorhome I’ve seen.

Don Cohen: And this is so different because the inside here is all Italian interior. So it’s a very euro style coach.

Nate: So compared to the other ones that are kind of trying to hit the same interests of people, they’re looking for the same kind of RV, how’s this one unique?

Don Cohen: Well, it all starts with style, because this particular floor plan that we’re in has a single bathroom. Many decent pushers have one and a half, but it’s a very unique double entry bath, so that makes it sort of special. The space utilization is great.

And then the … I don’t even want to call it a gallery, the kitchen behind me, and you can handle with the dishwasher, it’s an induction cook top, big residential refrigerator.

Nate: And the price point?

Don Cohen: The price point, retail for upwards of $300,000, and that’s a lot of money. But my first reaction was when I was in this coach was that this looks like a million dollar Motorhome. This is that …

Nate: Very refined.

Don Cohen: Very refined, yeah. So I’d like to think of myself as sort of refined. So anyway that’s why I feel really at home here.

Nate: What are your top three favorite things that are in this?

Don Cohen: Wow, I think it’s all about styling, the overall look of the interior and the cabinetry.

Nate: Attention to detail on it.

Don Cohen: Absolutely. Number two huge windows, and as you look around here these are really uninterrupted expanses of glass. So you’re feeling of openness here is really significant.

The third item is really just the exterior paint, it doesn’t have a swirl, really sort of these clean lines that again are very euro looking, and has all the features that diesel pushers have. You have lots of automation, big screens, fireplaces, all of that. But it’s sort of the feel of just being in a high-end hotel, modern hotel, that is really the story of the Horizon.

Nate: Thanks, Don. If you want to check out the Winnebago Horizon you can go to our rvingplanet.com.


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