Winnebago Fuse Class C Motor Home has Superb Driving Visibility



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Video Notes

Unique features of the Winnebago Fuse Class C Motorhome

  1. Ford Transit chasis
  2. Superb driving visibility
  3. Patio awning with LED lights


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Nate: Hi again, this is Nate from Rving Planet and here I have Sam Jeffson with Winnebago Industries and we are at the 2015 RV Industries show in Louisville, Kentucky and Sam here is going to tell us about some cool features about this Winnebago RV.

Sam: This is the brand new Winnebago Fuse. We are just debuting it here at Louisville. It is on the Ford Transit chassis. One thing that jumps out immediately with the Fuse is it’s great visibility. As you’re driving, you have great views outside the front window and also the side windows. The side windows are very large for your Class-C motor home. We’ve had a lot of people say it’s one of the easiest motor homes to drive that they’ve ever driven. That’s a big plus for this coach. The Fuse comes in 2 different floor plans, the 23A and the 23T.
Today we’re looking at the 23T floor plan. It comes with a queen slide-out bed. The slide is very large, it’s 36 inches. It provides enough space to walk around all around the bed. The Fuse also comes with a nice patio awning as you see. It comes with LED lights. Great exterior storage, as well, in this coach. This coach is especially well-suited for somebody who enjoys the active outdoor lifestyle. We’ve added an optional bike rack that can be put on the back of the coach as well. Another big benefit to this coach is the restroom. There’s a great shower. Full-size shower, something that you normally don’t find in the Class-C coach. It also comes with a nice sized sink.
One thing we pride ourselves with at Winnebago is the quality of our products and just little things like fixtures are very upscale and very good quality. Finally, I want to mention that the kitchen also includes a nice full-size oven, which is unique for a coach that is about 24 feet long. Another interesting tidbit about the Fuse, it was actually launched on the Today Show. Al Roker drove this exact motor home across the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. He said it was a sweet ride and had a lot of fun driving the motor home.

Nate: All right, Sam. Thanks for all that information. I’m sure everybody’s going to be interested. The Fuse sounds very promising, if you guys want to check out more, you can look at the video notes below or you can head over to the new section of Thanks for watching.

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