Welcome to RVingPlanet

While there are many RVing websites to look through for information on RVs, the manufacturers that make them, and the dealers that sell them we couldn’t find a single source website to go and get it all one place.

So, the concept of RVingPlanet was born back in 2006.  Based on the desire for folks to read and submit their own ratings and reviews of the RVs they love and the RV Dealers they do business with.  A place to get the lowdown, the scoop on what RVing products other folks find valuable and which ones may not be for you.  A place to get a feel for the honesty and quality of service from RV Dealerships across the country and the world.

RVingPlanet is a work in progress.  Good things take time and require the participation of folks like you to rate and review both RVs and Dealers alike.  We can provide all the info about the RVs and dealers, but it’s up to you to tell others how you feel about it all.

Thank you for your interest in RVingPlanet and we look forward to together building a great RVing community!

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