Top 5 Must Have iPhone Apps for Any RVer!

In this day and age, opportunities to save money come in a plethora of forms. One of the easiest ways to do that is through smartphone apps. In addition to saving you money with just one click, you can benefit from them in your daily lifestyle, as well. More specifically, in your RVing lifestyle!

RVing Planet has compiled a list of the Top 5 iPhone applications for any RVer by researching reviews, overall usage, and level of ease. I took the liberty of choosing a couple unique ones as well, as some may be more specifically interesting to you than others. These apps are designed to improve your RVing lifestyle, so take a look at all of the advantages and choose the ones that you know you’ll benefit from the most (maybe that’ll be all of them!).


1. Yelp

Not a lot of people would consider Yelp to be helpful on camping trips, but it is extremely beneficial to have for any time of RVer! The biggest advantage of this app? Food reviews! I have seen this app used numerous times to look for restaurants that have great customer reviews.

Imagine you have been hiking (or biking or swimming) and you’re exhausted from all of the adventures of the day. Too exhausted to cook back at your campsite. The ideal option would be to go somewhere for dinner, but you are not familiar with the area. This is where Yelp comes in. Just a few clicks away, and you’ve got some great options from all of the customer reviews about the hamburger shack down the road, the pizza place a drive away, and the ice cream shop a few blocks away from the campground.

You can also search places en route to your vacation spot. You’ll absolutely love this app while RVing!



2. AllStays

AllStays says they have “The #1 selling, #1 ranked, #1 reviewed camping app for over 90 months.”

The AllStays app includes lowest prices on gas and campsites, points you to the nearest rest stops, and searches sites specific to your needs through an amenity feature that you will absolutely love, and you can filter the map by type of site. It also points you to the nearest parking lots that will allow you to stop for the night and get some much needed rest during your vacations.

In addition to the many, many great features of this app? You can do most of it without the internet.


3. InRoute

Always worried what the weather is going to be like? The elevation or how rough the roads will be? InRoute is the perfect RVing app for that! Whether you’re in a motorhome or towing an RV, you’ll love to be able to find the safest routes, in addition to saving those safe routes and being able to go back and find them again. And if you lose reception while driving through spotty areas with rougher terrain? You won’t have to worry, as InRoute saves the route to your phone, allowing you to be able to get through safely without getting lost!


4. Coleman Camping Cookbook

The Coleman Camping Cookbook is a fantastic app for all campers! It’ll get you the best recipes for a cookout, or easy recipes to make inside your RV. With limited amenities and room for ingredients, you’ll enjoy this app as it provides you with amazing, manageable choices.

If you aren’t the cooking guru you wish you were, you’ll have easy, simple instructions available to you through this app for hundreds of dishes to cook while you’re RVing!


5. AllTrails

The AllTrails app is perfect for every active family. Itching for a fun, family adventure? Or maybe it’s just you camping in your RV? This app provides you with over 50,000 trails that you can enjoy, from wherever you are!

“Wherever you might be, quickly find the perfect hike, bike ride, or trail run by length, rating, and difficulty level. Filter by dog or kid friendly trails, or find trails with great views.” The AllTrails website says it all! And don’t worry– if you’re new to the area, you won’t be able to get lost, as it allows you to turn on a GPS tracker to show you where you are on the trail.


Trail Bridge


One Click Away!

If you have found these apps beneficial, or have a few more suggestions, leave your comments in the box below. We always love to hear from you!