Top 5 Best Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel Campers

Adventure waits on the open road, and there are so many sights to see off the beaten trail that most people will never see. Going on a road trip with a fifth wheel camper is one way to see more of that wide world while packing along your little home away from home. But what about the really deep trails? Or those secluded creeks? Or those rocky bluffs? All of that trekking takes a lot of gear!

So, why not pick out an RV that has an appetite for adventure as ravenous as your own? Storage space is at a premium when you are trying to pack, not only the bare necessities, but also all of those amenities that you would rather not go without. The answer is simple; a toy hauler fifth wheel! Stash all of your gear, your preferred equipment in the garage, and set out to make the world your own. Others have cast their votes and bought their RVs, so we have collected the top 5 most popular and highest rated toy hauler fifth wheels on the market for the 2017 model year.

Most Popular Toy Hauler Fifth Wheels:

    1. Heartland Cyclone
    2. Keystone Fuzion
    3. Keystone Raptor
    4. Heartland Road Warrior
    5. Forest River XLR Thunderbolt

Criteria for Making the List: Choosing the ‘best’ of anything can always lead to debate. However, these top toy hauler fifth wheels are ones RV owners voted on with their demand and by popularity. Based on quality, features, floor plan layouts, space, and options, more people asked about or shopped for these toy hauler fifth wheels than any others.


#1 – 2017 Heartland Cyclone

Take the World by Storm

View all Heartland Cyclone Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel Floorplans 

No. of Floorplans Unloaded Weight Sleeps Length
4 14000-16000 lbs 5-7 39-44 feet

Why RVingPlanet recommends the 2017 Heartland Cyclone Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel:  A toy hauler fifth wheel like the Heartland Cyclone has everything that you need for an adventurous and luxurious vacation. Coming complete with plenty of slide-outs for additional space so that you and your family can really stretch their legs when you park for the evening, as well as ample dining and relaxation space so that you can enjoy your indoor meals in style, the whole family will love the Cyclone and the level of style it offers to match to your adventurous spirit. Check out some of the 2017 floorplans: Cyclone 3110, Cyclone 3418, or the Cyclone 3611JS.

Because of the open floorplan of the Cyclone, even when you are indoors, you will still feel those wide open places, big skies, and relaxing environments that you go RVing for. Right down to the bathroom with a full standing shower and skylight, wall-mounted television, convertible garage space, and side-deck on some models, the Cyclone is more than just a trailer, it is a place you can call home no matter where you may find yourself. And with the ample garage space, it doesn’t matter if you love hiking, grilling, kayaking, biking, or off-roading, pack it all in and hit the road where adventure awaits.

Key features:

  • 5 out of 5 star rating!
  • Available in 4 floorplans to meet your exact specifications.
  • Double entry doors for easy access and additional privacy.
  • Stainless steel kitchen fixtures for easy clean-up after eating.
  • Spacious master suite with more room than ever to relax.
  • Shower skylight to make your showers even more enjoyable.
  • Full entertainment center with two televisions so everyone can watch what they want.

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#2 – 2017 Keystone Fuzion

Turn the Toy Hauler World Upside-Down

View all Keystone RV Fuzion Toy Hauler Floorplans 

No. of Floorplans Unloaded Weight Sleeps Length
14 12000-14000 lbs 8-9 37-43 feet

Why RVingPlanet recommends the 2017 Keystone RV Fuzion toy hauler fifth wheel:  The Keystone RV Fuzion toy hauler fifth wheel is an all-in-one place for any road trip you might have in mind. Multiple slides, a wide-open floorplan, and a spacious master suite means that, even when you are far from your house, you will still be at home. With multiple floorplans to choose from, you have plenty of options on which Fuzion is right for you. Check out some of the fantastic models here: Fuzion 325, Fuzion 342, and the Fuzion 371.

With a toy hauler 5th wheel, you have great options for the whole family. Solid surface counter tops and stainless steel appliances for the cook of the family, LED TV for the film buff, and comfortable queen-sized bed and loft beds for everyone. No matter what your adventure might look like, the Fuzion’s duel-power awning and 6pt. hydraulic leveling system will make any spot an idyllic vacation getaway.

Key features:

  • 5 out of 5 star rating!
  • Available in 14 floorplans with plenty of options.
  • Residential cabinet hardware for a more stylish look and functional appeal.
  • Multiple sky windows to enjoy the great outdoors, indoors.
  • Ducted heating throughout, even in the garage for comfortable nights.
  • Surrounding LED security lights for an illuminated evening.
  • Residential furniture with heated seats for even more cool-weather comfort.

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#3 – 2017 Keystone Raptor

Incredible Value

View All Keystone Raptor Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel Floorplans

No. of Floorplans Unloaded Weight Sleeps Length
12 14000-16000 lbs 3-8 35-42 feet

Why RVingPlanet recommends the 2017 Keystone Raptor Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel:  There is a lot of adventure to be had out there in the great wide world, and you need the perfect toy box to make the most of it. The Keystone RV Raptor toy hauler 5th wheel is just the ticket to a whole new type of adventure. Multiple sleeping areas and options, several slides to stretch out, and a stylish interior, the Raptor will make you forget you ever stepped away from home. Check out some of the floorplans with variable amenities and features for the whole family: 352TS, 355TS, and 362TS.

You’ll get more bang for your buck than a place to lay your head at night. Washer/dryer prep means that you can extend your trip even longer and really enjoy the open road. The outdoor activity lights mean that you can keep the party going long after the sun has gone down and the large garage means that all of your gear can make the trip with you. Whether you want to take the golf cart for a spin or rev up the dirt bikes at the crack of dawn, the Raptor has the space needed to make it happen. What are you waiting for?

Key features:

  • 5 out of 5 star rating!
  • Available in 12 floorplans for plenty of choices.
  • Comfortable carpeted bedroom for added warmth and style.
  • Recessed shower for space conservation and cozy comfort.
  • 35,000 BTU furnace for plenty of hot water and air.
  • Hardwood cabinetry for a stylish and functional look.
  • On-board fuel station to help power your favorite toys.

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#4 – 2017 Heartland Road Warrior

It’s a Luxury 5th Wheel and a Toy Hauler

View All Heartland Road Warrior Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel Floorplans

No. of Floorplans Unloaded Weight Sleeps Length
5 15000-17000 lbs 5-7 39-44 feet

Why RVingPlanet recommends the 2017 Heartland Road Warrior Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel:  You have an ATV, a motorcycle, a go-cart; something that you want to bring on your next trip. But, you also love the level of comfort that few trailers can provide. You want adventure, but you also want a comfortable place to rest your head at night. That is what Heartland Road Warrior Toy Hauler 5th Wheel provides. With every living creature comfort in one place, the Road Warrior is your manor on wheels with the garage to match. Check out some of their fantastic floorplans: Road Warrior 362, Road Warrior 355.

Two awnings on the outside, optional side-deck and rear deck, the Road Warrior can make your road trip an adventure with the style and class you’ll seldom find anywhere else. Space floorplans, dual entry doors, classy interior decoration, and plenty of lighting, the Road Warrior has extras on extras that you are sure to love.

Key features:

  • Available in 5 floorplans to fit your needs.
  • 35,000 BTU furnace to keep you warm even during cold-weather.
  • Queen or King-sized beds for more than enough space to fully relax at night.
  • Large awnings on the outside for shade during those sunny trips.
  • Convertible rear deck so that you can enjoy the outdoors in style.

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#5 – 2017 Forest River XLR Thunderbolt

Your Toy Hauler Should Also Be Your Home

View All Forest River RV XLR Thunderbolt Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel Floorplans

No. of Floorplans Unloaded Weight Sleeps Length
3 12000-15000 4-7 40-44 feet

Why RVingPlanet recommends the 2017 Forest River RV XLR Thunderbolt Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel: Those with a lust for life need something to help them stumble into more adventure. This is where the Forest River RV XLR Thunderbolt 5th Wheel excels. It can provide you with the level of comfort on the road that you are looking for alongside fantastic utility for the adventurer in you. When you travel with the XLR Thunderbolt, not only are you comfortable at night, but you have all of the gear that you could want during the day. Features like stainless steel appliances, black-out shades, and versatile control panels make the XLR Thunderbolt a powerhouse of utility. Check out some of the awesome 2017 models: XLR Thunderbolt 340AMPXLR Thunderbolt 355AMP, and XLR Thunderbolt 365AMP.

Most people only get to take a few RV trips every season, so why leave anything out? Take everything that you can fit in the large garage area and then, once you have arrived, you can unload and convert the garage area to move living space; not a square inch of space is wasted. If you have a roving spirit and a love of the great outdoors, the XLR Thunderbolt is the tool that you need to make your life as adventurous as you want to make it.

Key features:

  • Available in 3 floorplans to fit your needs.
  • Mobile fuel station so you can stay active for longer.
  • Flush-floor living room slideouts for an open, flowing layout.
  • Large LED television so you can relax and enjoy your favorite movies.
  • Residential kitchen appliances so you can feel and cook like home.

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Adventure is calling and you don’t want to miss it, so stay comfortable while pursuing your favorite outdoor activities in a way no other vacation can provide. Everyone wants a vacation that their families will remember for the rest of their lives, so make it happen. Sleep well at night and experience that whole wide world during the day with whatever toys you can fit in your toy box on wheels. But if you are still not sure about the toy haulers above, there are so many more options for you to peruse: shop all toy hauler fifth wheels.

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