Top 5 Best Pop-Up Campers for First Time RVers

Getting your first RV can be quite an exciting experience, and we want to assist you in your search for the perfect camper for your family. Since there are numerous options to choose from, selecting the one designed perfectly for you and your loved ones can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task (especially if you’ve never been a part of the RV experience before this). As we understand this can be a daunting journey, we strive to save you hours of exhausted searching by providing you with a list of the top 5 pop-up campers for first time RVers!

What puts an RV on the list: Because this post is written to provide options of RVs simpler for new RVers to learn and use, we’ve added ‘ease of use’ to our usual factor list of user reviews, expert reviews, and overall features when selecting any pop-up camper for this list.

The 5 Best Pop-Up Campers For First Time RVers:

  1. Coachmen Clipper Pop Up Camper
  2. Forest River Flagstaff Classic Pop Up Camper
  3. Viking Epic Series Pop Up Camper
  4. Jayco Jay Sport Pop Up Camper
  5. Livin Lite Quicksilver Pop Up Camper

#1. Coachmen Clipper Pop-Up Camper

The Diverse And Novice-Friendly Camper

best pop up camper

best pop up camperbest pop up camperbest pop up camper

View All Coachmen Clipper Pop-Up Camper Floorplans

No. of Floor plans Unloaded Weight Sleeps Length
24 663-3065 lbs 2-7 12-22 feet

Why we recommend the Coachmen Clipper Pop-Up Camper: Incredibly, this pop-up camper has 24 different floor plans to choose from, giving it the flair of versatility while still maintaining beginner-friendly designs. These numerous floor plans possess various weight ranges and sleep capacity, all created to give spacious interiors to a wide spectrum of families. We specifically recommend taking a look at Clipper 106 sport and Clipper 125ST.

As far as features go, you will be able to enjoy the warmth from the 20,000 BTU furnace, keeping it cozy for those chilly nights away from the city. The LED lighting gives it a warm ambiance and an atmosphere of comfort, whilst the 4 layer laminated seamless fiberglass roof–coupled with Laminated aluminum skin walls– give it durability enough to tank bumps that it might face en route to your destination. Thus, the dynamic duo and amazing feature list make the Coachmen Clipper pop-up camper the best beginner-friendly pop-up camper that you can buy!

Key Features:

  • 24 different floor plans available
  • “Zero Exposure” bunk technology (Sport, classic, and V-Trec only)
  • Diamond plate front wall protection (Not available in LS & express series)
  • 100% adhesion residential grade linoleum
  • 12-volt LED interior lights
  • Option for bolt on swivel tongue jack (Express only)

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#2. Forest River Flagstaff Classic Pop-Up Camper

Uncomplicated Camper For The Newbie RVer

best pop up camper

best pop up camperbest pop up camperbest pop up camper

View All Forest River RV Flagstaff Classic Pop-Up Camper Floorplans

No. of Floor plans Unloaded Weight Sleeps Length
4 2698-2831 lbs 6-8 19 feet

Why we recommend Forest River Flagstaff Classic Pop-Up Camper: Buying an RV and maintaining it well can sometimes become frustrating, especially if it’s not a beginner friendly model. The Forest River has designed a camper to change that. The Flagstaff pop-up camper has four simple yet effective floor plans to choose from. These four floor plans provide you with everything you’ll need (and more!) on your new adventures, and the low weight range also makes it easily towable, giving you the freedom to pull it behind your mini SUV or pickup truck.

Of the four floor plans, we recommend either the 625D for its front bath, or the 627D for the front bath and U-shaped dinette. Other standard floor plan options include a carbon monoxide detector for safety, smooth oyster fiberglass vacuum bonded exterior for security and Outdoor Gas Grill for convenience, among many other awesome features just like these. If you’re looking for even more, they also have optional features you can add to make it better, including a hanging wardrobe, three speed ventilation fan, privacy curtains, and the list goes on!

Key Features:

  • 4 different floor plans available
  • Permanently mounted 3-burner indoor range with stove cover (MAC only)
  • Large Built-In Icebox
  • Wood Drawers with Full Extension Metal Guides
  • Fiberglass Vacuum Bonded Radius Roof with No Center Seam
  • Five Piece Sectionalized Vinolon Supreme Tenting

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#3. Viking Epic Series Pop-Up Camper

A Great Entry Point To The RVing World

best pop up camper

best pop up camperbest pop up camperbest pop up camper

View All Viking Epic Series Pop-Up Camper Floorplans

No. of Floor plans Unloaded Weight Sleeps Length
6 1503-2326 lbs 5-7 12-18 feet

Why we recommend Viking Epic Series Pop-Up Camper: Buying a huge RV with numerous functions isn’t necessarily the best course of action when you are just starting out. Instead, we recommend the Epic series pop-up campers by Viking. Easy to learn and simple use, these campers serve as an excellent starting point into the extensive and amazing world of RVs.

Don’t think you’ll be missing out on anything when you decide to go with this amazing camper, as the Epic series feature zero exposure bunk technology, residential laminated counter tops, built-in shower, interior LED lights, walnut cabinetry, and a variety of similar features. All six of the floor plans vary in terms of weight, and the amount of people they can house, but the 1906 and 2308 ST really caught our eye.

Key Features:

  • 9 different floor plans available
  • Tubular steel frame
  • 100% adhesion residential grade linoleum
  • Residential laminated counter tops
  • Option for 40 and 80 watt zamp portable solar panel
  • 12-volt LED interior lights

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#4. Jayco Jay Sport Pop-Up Camper

Aesthetics + Simplicity Personified

best pop up camper

best pop up camperbest pop up camperbest pop up camper

View All Jayco Jay Sport Pop-Up Camper Floorplans

No. of Floor plans Unloaded Weight Sleeps Length
4 1570-2385 lbs 5-7 11-18 feet

Why we recommend Jayco Jay Sport Pop-Up Camper: Jayco’s Jay Sport series of pop-up campers look amazing with their excellent outer aluminum finish. Catching a glimpse of one of these beautiful campers, no one will know you opted for such a newbie-friendly model! The four floor plans may not seem like much to choose from, but one look at the various options–such as adding Canadian standards–and you’ll realize that one of these four are all you need.

As for the interior, the wall-to-wall vinyl flooring and tinted vinyl windows create a roomy ambiance, and the acrylic sink and residential cabinetry add a level of convenience. All in all, Jayco designed a great pop-up camper, allowing first time RVers to relax and enjoy the amenities that any other RV provides. Take a look at these floor plans for further enjoyment: 10SD and 12UD.

Key Features:

  • 4 different floor plans
  • Heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant frame construction
  • One-piece wooden floor deck wrapped with Poly Flex underbelly material
  • 12V electrical system with 110V converter
  • Interior hook-up for freestanding TV
  • Auxiliary 12V jack and privacy curtains for bunk ends

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#5. Livin Lite Quicksilver Pop-Up Camper

For The Rookie Who Prefers Nimble Camping

best pop up camper

best pop up camperbest pop up camperbest pop up camper

View All Livin Lite Quicksilver Pop-Up Camper Floorplans

No. of Floorplans Unloaded Weight Sleeps Length
6 712-1765 lbs 3-6 10-17 feet

Why we recommend Livin Lite Quicksilver Pop-Up Camper: To the one just learning the basics of RVing, we suggest lightweight camping as a great way to go. Not only does it allow the camper to be towed using any standard SUV, but also saves a lot of fuel on the road! Livin Lite manufacturers understand this is very popular and convenient to new RVers especially, which is why they created the fantastic Quicksilver pop-up camper.

The six floor plans available go all the way from an ultra lightweight camper (712 lbs) to a standard lightweight camper (1765 lbs). Regardless of which floor plan you prefer (we particularly recommend the 10.0 and 14XLP), each of these campers maintain a standard set of marvelous features, such as the LED lighting, convection microwave, solid surface countertops, and many others. These pop-up campers are incredibly designed when it comes to choosing a lightweight camper for a first-time RVer.

Key Features:

  • 6 different floor plans
  • Solid-Surface Countertops
  • Charging Center w/USB Ports
  • 6-Sided Aluminum Super Structure
  • Detachable Marine Grade Power Cord
  • Radius Baggage Doors w/Magnetic Catches

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With that said, the next time you plan a camping trip but still aren’t sure which is perfect for a first-time RVer, take a look at this list of the best pop-up campers we recommend for you, and join us in the exciting world of camping in travel trailers, fifth wheels, and various other kinds of RVs!

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