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Do you suffer from “Forgetful Campground Frustration Syndrome”?

Have you ever arrived at the campground, and you forgot something at home?  Or maybe you left your waste water tank hose flying around while driving down the road?  We all have to some degree….  which usually ends up in either taking a long trip back home, or spending unnecessary money.


The team at RVingPlanet set out to create a solution to stop “Forgetful Campground Frustration Syndrome”.  We decided the best way was to make a checklist to make sure that an RV was “Road Ready” and that nothing would get in the way of peace of mind.  


After using it I gave it to a few people and they loved it.  I believe that no one should be stressed while camping, you are supposed to be relaxing and having priceless adventure filled memories.


Road Ready Checklist - RVingPlanet
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RVing Evangelists? Is there such a thing?


Avid RVers, Kevin and Ruth, share their RV traveling and living experiences on their blog and if you begin reading you’ll soon be sucked into the fun and adventurous Rving lifestyle.

They have an interesting approach to RVing and the lifestyle and have many stories to tell that are both instructional and inspiring.

Their motorhome has served them well over the years.  With a name like Sherman, you can bet there is a story behind it.

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3 Interesting Facts about Kevin and Ruth:

Travel w/ Kevin and Ruth


The Antique Road Show wants your old lights.

Do you still have those outdated string lights your grandma gave you from her garage when you told her you were going camping in an RV? Those breakable, not waterproof, heavy, boring… lights. Let me tell you why I think upgrading your lights is a no brainer.


I recently saw the ‘cool kids’ at the campground using some new rope lights, not just any rope lights either, these were solar powered. They don’t use up any electricity. My favorite part is how they save time for family. You can forget about needing to turn on and off the lights because they can run for about 8 hours a night and turn on and off automatically. Here are some more notable benefits…


It’s time to use lights made for the 21st century.

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Fun RV’ing Stuff

Will Smith Brings “The Heat”, a 2.5 million dollar RV.

Hollywood Actor Will Smith owns a very luxurious motor home that he uses in between movie sets.

Business Insider wrote an article on Will’s RV which stated: “In fact, the actor was quite comfortable in his one-of-a-kind, two-story trailer nicknamed “The Heat.” The 1,200-square-foot mobile home rests on 22 wheels, features 14 TV screens, has $30,000 worth of leather, and $100,000 – $125,000 worth of technology.”

Take a video tour of Will Smith’s 2.5 million dollar RV with this video from HGTV.

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