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Top 5 Things You Need for Winter RV Storage

Unless you live in a southern climate where it never freezes, or have heated storage, or you plan on using it frequently during the cooler months, you will most likely need to winterize your RV.

I tend to wait until the last minute to winterize my RV, as I always hope for just one last trip before it’s too cold.  So, I put together the 5 bare minimum things you’ll need to prep your RV for winter storage.

Here are the 5 items you NEED to get before winter, unless you already have it all… then go you.

  1. Get Some Non-toxic RV/Marine antifreeze(Should be a red/pink color).
  2. A wand to clean out the black-water holding tank, if the motorhome doesn’t have a built-in clean out system.
  3. A water heater bypass kit, if your RV doesn’t have one installed.
  4. A water pump converter kit, or tubing to connect to the inlet side of the water pump.
  5. Basic hand tools to remove and install drain plugs.

How do I use all of this? Check out our checklist for Winterizing your Motorized or Towable RV

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RVing in Vegas??

Jim and Peg, RVing enthusiasts at recently took their RV to Vegas.  My first thought was … to Vegas???  But they had a great time and inspired me to think outside the box in my RVing travels. From America’s Got Talent to Fremont Street to The Vegas Strip … they had a great time.  Learn more about their Las Vegas adventure here.

RVing in Las Vegas





Perfect Gifts For Any RVer

Christmas is approaching and if you have to buy a gift for an RVer, we got you covered…

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Fun RV’ing Stuff

Kangaroos in your RV?

RVing is a social time… but having a kangaroo stop by is WILD…especially if he comes back with friends!!!

Here is the initial visit from the Kangaroo that stopped by this families caravan…

I hope they have enough apples for the Kangaroos that stop by later…

What would you do if kangaroos showed up at your RVs door? Tell us in the comments below!

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