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How To Plan the Perfect Camping Trip

In this installment by, founder and CEO Mark Koep provides insight for travellers planning their camping trip. The  valuable video talks about going to Great Smoky Mountains National Park but has valuable tips for any campground.


14 Kids, 4 Adults, a mountain, and…No Power?

We’re the Paul’s…a family of 9 Roadschooling around the U.S. in a 45′ Prevost bus. This opportunity came about thanks to our Plexus business, which allows us to work from anywhere(click here to find out more). This past July, after a stopover at the Plexus corporate office in Scottsdale, AZ, we drove out to the Zephyr Cove Campground at Lake Tahoe. Such a beautiful place. Our friends Bridget & Justin and THEIR 7 kids met up with us in their RV and we had some epic adventures together.


We rented ski boats and went wakeboarding and tubing on Lake Tahoe, then spent a day (and almost the night) up at the top of Heavenly at the new Adventure Park they just built up there. At the end of the day, the whole area lost power and we were stuck at the top of the mountain for a few hours! 14 kids with 4 adults. People thought we were crazy. It was fun though.

Family Time, Business and Epic Adventures


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Fun RV’ing Stuff

2017 Valentine’s Day RV Gift Giving Guide

Look through our hand selected collection of Valentines Day RV gift ideas that any RV owner would love to show off around the campfire at the campground!

Valentines Day Gift RVer Guide
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