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5 Easy Ways to Save your RV Tires this RVing Season


RV Tires: 5 Must Do's To Keep Your Family Safe

The tires on your RV endure more stress than any other part of your rig on a daily basis. Whether you have a fifth wheel, travel trailer, or motorhome… they wear down.  Use these 5 ‘smooth performance tips’ to give your tires more life and a stress-free season.

  1. Inspect Sidewall and Tread Blocks Regularly(valves and caps too!)
    1. After driving across rugged terrain it’s a good idea to inspect. Look for cuts, bulges, cracking, weathering, and general damage.
  2. Keep the Tires inflated Correctly
    1. Check the tires for the recommended PSI. Under-inflated tires cause undesired handling, poor fuel economy as well as increased money sucking wear and tear.
    2. Inspect tire condition: every morning, before and after every trip, and every month during the off season.
  3. Keep an Even Load and Don’t Exceed the Maximum Load.
    1. Tip: Pack everything and then visit a weigh station to make sure you’re not exceeding the gross vehicle weight rating(GVWR).
  4. Balance and Rotate Tires Regularly
    1. Check your owner’s manual for proper recommendations
  5. Prepare your Tires for next RVing season.
    1. Before storing
      1. Clean them with soap and water
      2. Take everything out of the RV to ensure minimal load.
      3. Check PSI
      4. Use Storage Blocks
      5. Keep the tires away from direct sunlight using tire covers.
      6. Take for a short cruise every 12 weeks to prevent cracking and flat spots.



Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh When Things Go Wrong


Preventing Disaster - RV The Movie

RVing is a great way to rest and get some relaxation. Most of the time things go smoothly and everyone has fun. RVLove’s Marc & Julie had a day where this was not the case. From GPS fails to escaping a Hurricane their journey needed some laughs. Here are some lessons they learned to avoid problems.

5 Steps to Preventing Disaster:

Expect the Unexpected -Have enough food on hand in case something unexpected happens.


Ditch the Lawn Chairs to Hang Out and Relax


Shop Portable, Stand Up Hammocks - The Most Comfortable Way to Relax

Every time you see someone chillin at the campground in hammock it’s very hard not to be just a little jealous.  We’ve put together a list of portable folding hammocks to help you relax more and be the envy of your camp friends.


Still not convinced?  Hammocks are better than lawn chairs in pretty much every way…


Check out the many portable, space saving, no trees needed hammocks for your next RVing trip!

Fun RV’ing Stuff

Freedom of Choice


The RVing Life - August 4


Meet the SeaLander, it’s a Boat and Camper Combo. One thrust from the engine and the noise of the beach this away to a distant murmur. What will the day bring? That’s for you to decide.




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