Stylish Hardwood in this Grand Design Solitude Fifth Wheel



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Video Notes

Unique features about the Solitude 384GK Fifth Wheel

  1. 10,000 BTU fireplace that can heat 1,000 square feet
  2. Hand glazed cherry hardwood on the fascia and counter tops
  3. Comfortable pull out sofas


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Nate: Hi again, this is Nate with RVing Planet, and I have Lance Lees here with Grand Design RV. We’re at the 2015 RV Industry Show in Louisville, Kentucky. Lance here is going to show us some cool things about the Solitude 5th Wheels.

Lance: Hey guys, like you said, this is our 384GK, which is a growing, already very popular floor plan for us. A lot of it is for some very residential features. One of those being the 10,000 BTU fireplace, it looks sexy, but it’s also going to heat 1,000 square foot. We also have the different island color from the counter tops, which is very trendy in the housing industry. All of this is real cherry hardwood, hand glazed, so you get a lot of the detail of the wood.

Nate: It looks really nice.

Lance: Thank you. Additionally, the slide out fascia is also cherry hardwood. Some of the typical block and flute style that you get, ours is all crowned off around the corners, so it gives it a high end, residential feel, not so much like a trailer. Also have great natural light on the off door side, pull out drawers for 2 trash cans, and then instead of having the typical shelves, we’ve got pull out drawers into the counter tops, and in the pantries. A lot of the other additions to this line are the memory foam pillow top furniture, so even though this is a pull out sofa bed, it doesn’t feel like one, it doesn’t look like one, which is the goal.

Nate: Definitely. All right Lance, thanks for sharing. You guys can check out more notes, by the way that fireplace looks awesome.

Lance: Yeah.

Nate: That is really nice. You guys can check out more notes in the video notes below, or you can head over to the new section of Thanks for watching.

Lance: Thank you.

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