Solitude Momentum is a Very Spacious Toy Hauler




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Video Notes

Unique features about the Solitude Momentum 376TH

1.  9ft box to bring your Harley, golf cart or quad without sacrificing living space.
2. Outside kitchen with TV, Refrigerator, Grill, Speakers
3. Kitchen Dinette

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Lance: Hi everyone, my name is Lance Lees, I’m the Solitude Momentum representative for Grand Design RV and today we’re going to talk about the Momentum 376, an industry first. The past couple of show seasons people are constantly asking, “Why do I have to have the box? Why can’t I just bring my Harley?” In fact, there’s companies that are making a living off of it just having the Harley retrofitted so they can bring in their high-end fifth wheel. This offers an alternative, which no one’s ever had before, and that’s the opportunity to bring your Harley or your golf cart with you in a nine-foot box, but not take away from the interior floor plan. Some of those other things that are constantly emerging are, “Why can’t I have an outside kitchen? Why can’t I have a dinette table?” Again, all things that this particular floor plan, allows the customers to have and, frankly, we feel like this is a pent up demand.

Outside kitchen here, you’ve got the swingable TV, exterior speakers, you’ve got your fridge, you also have a gas grill making it very, very convenient for the tailgate or for that boondock camping, because let’s be honest, we’re camping to go outside. Another big thing about this particular floor plan is that awning is the full length of the coach. The last thing you want to do is have those spots in between on a rainy day where it’s leaking down water. The real benefit of this particular floor plan, why we’re already finding so much success, and there’s so much buzz on the internet on our owner’s forum, on our Facebook page is because you don’t have to make any sacrifice in the living square footage or the interior floor plan to bring your Harley or your golf cart with you. Honestly, it’s our number one selling Solitude floor plan. Look forward to getting you some interior shots and hearing you guys’ thoughts. Thanks for your time.

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