RV Buying Course: Lesson 2

Buying Course Lesson 2 - Pay Less for Your Next RV

Pay Less for Your Next RV

Saving as much money as you can on your next RV purchase gives you the opportunity to keep the savings or do some fun accessory upgrades of your own.

5 Ways to Pay Less On Your Next RV

#1 NEVER Buy the First Time

You should never buy the first time you visit a RV dealership or RV show.  Why?  Even if you’ve done the research ahead of time, showing up for the first time in front of a salesperson or private owner can stir up all kinds of emotions and temptations and you end in an ‘impulse buy’ situation.

You need to walk away after the first visit to build your confidence and we know that impulse buying is almost never a long-term positive experience.  It usually ends in disappointment, frustration, and spending too much money.

#2 Confirm Needed Options

Make sure you really need all the options offered to you.  Is paying $200+ for an included ice maker really worth it?  What about the ‘arctic package’, are you really going to camp in December?

Often times the RV on the dealer’s lot was ordered with a specific set of ‘popular options’ but usually can be ordered without some of them. It’s worth asking about, but don’t be tricked if the salesperson says the one he has on his lot will still be cheaper. They obviously want to sell what they have in stock, but common sense should rule.

#3 Try Last Years Model

The best time of year this works best is usually once the first newer year models have arrived on a dealer’s lot.  The newer year model may have a few newer options, but large brand/model changes are usually done every few years.

Sometimes the new model upgrades have options you can have installed aftermarket such as a power tongue jack. Other times you will have to decide if you can live without the ‘latest and greatest’ or you are willing to pay a premium for it.

#4 Begin Price Negotiation Online

Once you’ve identified the RV you want, begin at rvingplanet.com/rvs or a dealership website, find your model, find one for sale, and fill out the contact form for that RV, and send it in asking for their best price.  Do this at a couple of dealerships to get an avg price it’s selling for.

Using email or texting in a sales transaction makes you feel more distant to the salesperson, they may think if they don’t give you a great price they might lose you to another ‘Internet dealership’.

#5 Ask

I know this sounds so simple, but do you know how many people just don’t have the confidence to just ask for a lower price? Way too many, I’ve been guilty myself at times.

It’s easy, if we just say … “Joe, we think this is the RV for us, what is the absolute best final, out the door, price you can give us”  Then, keep quiet, don’t say a word until he gives you a price. If he cannot, then be willing to say thank you and get up and walk out.

Did you know … the Ultimate RV Buyers Guide Bundle has price valuation resources, money saving budgeting worksheets, ‘what I really need’ questionnaire, and lots of other helpful tips to help you pay less for your next RV?  I encourage you to check it out.

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