2018 Midwest Automotive Designs Daycruiser 144 Motor Home Class B – RVingPlanet.com in Depth Look


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Nate:  Hi, folks. It’s Nate with RVing Planet.

Mark:  And Mark with campgroundviews.com.

Nate:  And we are excited to show you the Daycruiser 144 by Midwest Automotive.

Jake:  All right. Hi, Jake Stephenson with Midwest Automotive Designs, Elkhart, Indiana. We’re here with our Daycruiser 144. It’s brand new product for us. We’ve built the Daycruiser on our longer chassis but here we’ve brought it down to the 19 foot chassis. It’s a beautiful vehicle for people to plan on traveling in the city and need to be able to fit in tighter spaces. This has all the functionality of the big one packed into a little package.

Nate:  Awesome. Jake, so what are your top three favorite features on this, on the Daycruiser?

Jake:  So it being a shorter van is one of the top features of it. It allows you to still travel comfortable with six people in the vehicle, and so you use it in city locations. This is a rear bath unit, so it doesn’t have a shower but it still has all the RV amenities that you need.

Nate:  Awesome. Thank, Jake. If you guys want to check out the Midwest Automotive Daycruiser 144 you can head to rvingplanet.com.