It’s TailGating Time!


Are you planning on traveling by an RV to watch your favorite teams this season?

Many sports fans travel to watch games even if they can’t get tickets – they just want to be close to the action. Traveling by RV is the easiest, most convenient way to join in the fun of college or NFL games. RVs offer plenty of space and access to everything that you need. Don’t have an RV? Consider renting one or purchasing a Used RV for Sale.

Here are a few tips for planning the perfect RV tailgating party:

  • Plan ahead. Contact the stadium to see if you need to reserve a specific space. This is also a good time to review the rules and requirements of that stadium.  Don’t forget, many college towns welcome sports fan with designated RV parking and some even allow overnight stays – be sure to ask.
  • Know what to serve. Search out great tailgate recipes online. FoodNetwork site offers 100 fumble proof tailgate recipes.
  • Have your accessories. Be sure to have enough chairs and tables for all your friends! Also, since it is football season, there’s nothing that would be more awesome to add to your RV than an outdoor entertainment center or a stainless steel grill. If you don’t have these options on your RV right now, contact your local RV dealer and see about adding it to your outside storage department.
  • Clean up. Pick up your trash and make sure that your area is clean before you leave.

Great sites to help you plan your next tailgating party:



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