How to Compare RVs While Shopping on RVingPlanet

Shopping for a new RV can take a lot of time and effort, especially if you browse the thousands of RVs for sale through RVingPlanet.  Thankfully, there’s an easier way to keep track of the features you love and compare units through the RVingPlanet compare tool!  Learn more about how to compare RVs while shopping on RVingPlanet with this easy-to-use tool!

Compare RVs

Find an RV You Like on RVingPlanet

Before you can start comparing RVs, you’ll need to find one that matches some of the features you want in your RV.  For example, if you’re looking for an easy-to-tow, compact travel trailer with sleeping for four, this Heartland North Trail 21RBSS travel trailer is a great start.  It also features amenities like the following:

Heartland north trail main
Learn more about this Heartland North Trail travel trailer available today!

Click the “Compare” Button

On the listing page where you found the Heartland North Trail travel trailer, you’ll see similar RVs in different floorplans from different dealers near you.  After you’ve found the one with the floorplan you love and a dealer you’re happy with, click the “compare” button at the bottom of the listing.  In the example below, all three listings have been selected using the “compare” tool.

compare button


Search Similar Models

Now that you have an RV to compare others, you will need to find similar RVs to compare to this unit. If you search for an RV like the Heartland North Trail travel trailer, you may see features like sleeping for 2 to 4 or a front bedroom in other brands, floorplans, and RV types. You can search RVingPlanet for RVs for sale near you with many different filters to bring up RVs with the features you need. 

Select Up to Four RVs

After you’ve found another RV that you like, simply click the “compare” button and keep shopping!  You can add up to four RVs to compare at one time.  This allows you to search for various features and amenities to find what works best for you and your family.

Compare Floorplans and Specs at a Glance

The best part about the RVingPlanet Compare RVs tool is that it allows you to compare all four of your selected RVs at a glance. You can see the basic specifications of each unit, along with the price. You can even sort your comparison by floorplan to see the difference in each unit’s layout and design.

compare stats

Whether you’re looking for a class A diesel motorhome that has the power to take your family anywhere you want to go for years to come or a destination trailer to make your home away from home a reality, RVingPlanet can help!  We offer the widest selection of new and used RVs for sale near you so that you can find an RV and a dealer in no time!  Our RV comparing tool makes the process of narrowing down your search easy so that you can worry less about finding the RV and more about where you’ll go first!  Find your dream RV today!