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Nate:  Hi, folks. This is Nate with RVing Planet.

Mark:  And Mark with campgroundviews.com.

Nate:  We are here to show you the brand new Holiday Rambler Reno.

Dave:  Hi, I’m Dave Eash, I’m a Regional Sales Manager with Holiday Rambler.

Nate:  Dave, so tell me what makes this beautiful Reno by Holiday Rambler, what makes this brand unique from the other brands that you guys have?

Dave:  Well, one of the things is we have options for the exterior colors. This is the gray, obviously. We have a white and we have a black. And that really helps to give us options depending on the buyer and what your preferences are, and whether you’re a younger buyer or someone that’s more of an experienced RVer, you have those options. And it gives a different look and feel.

We also did some pretty unique designs with the front cap that helps set it apart from the rest of our product line.

Nate:  Who is this aimed at? Who do you think is going to love this most?

Dave:  The people that are looking for more of that weekend experience and maybe they don’t have the time or the resources for the regular larger conventional motorhome, but still want that motorhome experience. Families weekend tailgating type events, that’s really the target that we went for. And the younger buyer, some of the targets that we went for with this product.

Nate:  Compared to the other RVs that are out there, these Millennials and these younger shoppers that are in the market for this type of RV, where does this one really stand out?

Dave:  Well, I think the … what I mentioned earlier about the different look and the different options on color, the redesigned, the front cap, and that overall appearance is one of the areas where it really stands out. It doesn’t look like all the others. It has different feel, a different vibe to it, and then I think that’s one of the areas that it stands out. And then we also have some unique features that add to that as well.

Nate:  What are your top three favorite?

Dave:  Well, one of the things is you look behind us here, this is a large exterior entertainment center, normally in an RV if you have an exterior entertainment center, the TV is going to be a lot smaller, so you have a large TV. Perfect for those tailgating events. That’s one thing I like.

The other thing, if you’ll notice over there we have the LP bottles where they’re removable, you don’t have the fixed tank so you can easily swap in LP bottles in and out. Those are a couple of exterior things that are great.

The number three feature would be the price point. I mentioned and alluded to that earlier. In that hundred and five to hundred ten thousand MSRP, price point, is where this product falls. And so obviously is a very attractive price point that goes along with the different look and the feel on the features.

Nate:  Thanks, Dave.

Dave:  All right, thank you.

Nate:  If you guys want to check out the Reno by Holiday Rambler you can head over to rvingplanet.com.