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Nate:  Hi, folks. This is Nate with RVing Planet.

Mark:  And Mark with campgroundviews.com.

Nate:  And we are here to show you the brand new Holiday Rambler Prodigy.

All right, Dave, so we’re looking at this beautiful Prodigy by Holiday Rambler. And compared to all the other brands that Holiday Rambler makes, where does this one stand out and where is it unique?

Dave:  Well, it’s unique in the fact that it’s built on the diesel Mercedes engine with the Sprinter chassis. And so it’s a shorter unit. It’s 24 foot, we have a couple of different floor plans in that 24 foot range. And the advantage of that is that customer that’s looking for a really high quality unit, but they want something shorter, easier to drive, easier to maneuver in and out of park, and someone that wants a lot of the conveniences of the RV and the amenities and the features of a larger motorhome unit, but with the smaller platform.

Nate:  So who would you say is the perfect person? You guys you’re listening to your customers and you’re kind of building the units based on that. Who’s the perfect buyer? Who would enjoy this the most?

Dave:  Well, typically it’s going to be a couple. It’s not people with kids because of the space will probably not be a real player for this product. So it’s maybe either that younger couple without kids or it’s that older retired couple who wants to get out and see a lot of country, have the gas mileage and the advantages of that Mercedes engine, and yet be able to enjoy the lifestyle.

Nate:  So these couples that are looking for RVs like this where would you say … in their shopping process, where would you say what would make this one really stand out?

Dave:  Well, some of the features on this one that I really love, this particular one has the option for the full body paint. So it really gives it a great finish and a feel to it. You also see right behind you here one of the features is a tankless water heater, that’s a really high-quality tankless water heater. Again space is a premium in a smaller unit, and we’re able to give them great features and yet not eat up a lot of space.

You’ll also notice here exterior entertainment center. This is an entertainment center that is just as good as the ones we have on the bigger units. And so it gives that convenience as well. Legless awning, so you can see where the awning. It doesn’t have any of the legs coming down the side wall and are just a couple of features that that this product has time.

Nate:  All right, thanks, Dave. If you guys want to check out the Prodigy by Holiday Rambler you can head over to rvingplanet.com.