Go Fishing or Hunting with an RV

When planning a hunting or fishing trip, a lot of calculations will likely be running through your mind. Where are we going to stay? should we opt for a hotel? what about reservations? With that comes the question as to where you will keep your luggage and equipment, and of course–how much the total accommodation package is going to cost.

Many of these questions evaporate if you own an RV. You can simply sleep right in the RV and carry your gear in it as well. What’s more, when you need a change of scenery, just pack everything up and find another location.

The following are the greatest reasons to go fishing or hunting with an RV:

  1. Better Comfort
  2. Ample Storage Space
  3. Pulling More Weight
  4. Better Preparation
  5. Knowing Your Terrain
  6. Final Thoughts


 #1. Better Comfort

In normal instances, you will likely book a hotel or a hunting cabin near your fishing or hunting area. However, while hotels may come with the basic amenities, you will have to use them as par the set regulations. If anything is out of place or things get dirty, you might just find yourself incurring extra charges.

Cabins are no better. Their basic design includes bare walls and very few amenities. It’s safe to assume that they are not the most comfortable place to stay.

The third option at your disposal is a lodge. But you will have to be willing to pay even more for this. Most are expensive and will likely be located a large distance away from your favorite fishing or hunting area.

RVs provide the best alternative! You won’t have to be concerned about the location, as you can simply park it anywhere and set up camp. Whether it’s at a national park or near a large farm, the choice is entirely up to you. In addition, there is always ample space inside to store your equipment as well.


#2. Ample Storage Space

When hunting or fishing, you will likely carry plenty of luggage, especially if the location is far from home. All of your gear and equipment require storage, and this is why hunters and fishermen view space as one of the most important amenities.

RVs provide ample storage for you to store whatever you need. You will have access to cabinets, where you can keep your gear and keep it locked, and you can lock the RV for added security.

Whether it’s your bow or gun and ammo, you are set with an RV.

Things will only get better if your RV is a motorhome. It is larger, giving you more amenities; better sleeping quarters, kitchen, and bathroom. You and your hunting and fishing buddies can enjoy the company of each other comfortably in such a large recreational vehicle.

The awning of an RV is the best feature of any storage compartment, as it allows you to keep all of your dirtied laundry, chairs, and coolers outside without the risk of them getting rained on. You also have the space to put a clothing line up to dry your clothes.


#3. Pulling More Weight

RVs offer the hunter or fisherman with the chance to bring more equipment. Whether it’s a kayak or small sized boat, you can pull it by placing it on top of an ATV, then simply hauling it with the RV. Whatever it is, you’ll most likely be able to pull it a lot easier with an RV.


#4. Better Preparation

Sometimes the best hunting or fishing grounds may be located in remote and very cold area. You need to factor this in mind when planning your trip. Putting the necessary arrangements in place will ensure that you are better equipped to deal with the environment that you are going into. Make sure that the RV is cold ready and you will not have to worry about the weather disrupting your comfort levels.

Fishing and hunting trips are more fun when you spend them in the company of likeminded individuals. When sharing the RV, you may each want to make use of its amenities. However, using too much electricity at the same time may end up overpowering the systems resulting in damage. Ensure you have this catered for as well by putting in place a surge protector.

Consider an outdoor shower. You can use this to clean up after a long day of hunting or fishing. You could also use it to clean the fish or the meat after taking off the skin.


#5. Knowing Your Terrain


RV and pond


When planning an RV fishing or hunting trip, its good practice to study the area that you intend to travel to. This will go a long way towards ensuring you take the best safety precautions. Knowing your terrain–wherever you go–will give you a better indication for whether an RV or a hotel would be better, but if it’s for fishing and hunting, it’s probably going to be an RV.

Also, the hunting and fishing regulations in your chosen location will give you an understanding of what is or is not allowed.

There could be a regulation on the amount of luggage that you are allowed to carry as well as designated areas for parking the RV. Some hunting locations only allow a few individuals to hunt big game such as elk and bear.


#6. Final Thoughts

So to recap, if you decide to go fishing and hunting with an RV, then you know how beneficial and easier life will be. For one, you have the basic conveniences of home with you to travel with.

You get flexibility that you are not likely get anywhere in a hotel or cabin. You can opt to stay in a location for as long as you like without having to pay extra costs.

Since you have a better way to carry your luggage, you can bring more with you as compared to going to a hotel where your body limits the quantity you carry. This makes everything that more convenient for you!

With an RV, you also get to enjoy all the beauty and splendor of nature. You can reconnect with it while changing the location for a different view of the outdoors. This is something that you will simply not get at a cabin or hotel. You will not just be a hunter or fisherman; you are also a tourist ensuring you get the best of both worlds.