Top Tips For Going To An RV Show.

Going to an RV Show any time soon?

Check out this list of top tips we made for you guys the next time you go to an RV show.

You don’t want to forget anything, trust me.


  • Bring a backpack to carry all of your stuff. There is a reason this is first on the list.
  • Grab a map on the way in.

    • Plan your way around
  • Make sure your camera and/or phone are charged up or bring a portable battery charger with you.. This is especially useful for taking pictures of your favorite RVs.
  • Water and some snacks. You can also purchase food there(that can add up quickly).
  • Check weather (appropriate clothing, umbrella, etc..)
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
    • to find what you are looking for.
    • Both sales folks and manufacturer reps are there to help you.
    • Feel free when you walk into a different manufacturer area to ask what’s new.
  • Take photos with your smart phone of the RV and the model number, typically near the door.
  • Take short videos of some cool things you like and post on facebook, your friends will be jealous:) hashtag?
  • WRITE REVIEWS on a few you like and post them on RVingPlanet.
  • Keep open in your browser so you can find models, read reviews, and even add your own thoughts on the ones you like or the ones you want to warn others about.
  • If you are with the kids (or the dog)
    • stroller
    • snacks
  • Give yourself plenty of time, can’t see ‘it all’ in one day, staying multiple days (links to local campgrounds and hotels)
  • Enjoy dinner at a great spot..
    • If you are at the Hershey RV Show, make sure to take a trip to Piazza Sorrento.
  • Check out the local attractions.
    • Are you planning to go to the Hershey RV Show and you’re a Chocolate Lover? Check out Chocolate World.
  • If you are seriously looking to purchase a RV in the next 30 days come prepared to buy as there are really great show deals you’ll only find at the Hershey RV show.


Did I forget anything? Comment below!

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