Keystone Sprinter stands out at National RV Show

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Kevin: Hi guys. This is Kevin here. Glad to be back with you again. We were recently at the Hershey RV show back in September. Now we find ourselves at the RV industry show. This is for the industry only, and because is part of the press we get to get in and take a sneak peak at some new products and some new things coming out. We’re excited to be here in Louisville, Kentucky. What I want to show you today is, we have been walking around looking at hundreds of RVs the last few days. As we’ve done that we’ve been looking for one or two features that we could really highlight that we really liked. There were so many to choose from, but we had to choose one.
We came down to this Keystone Sprinter fifth wheel. What we’re here doing today is I’m going to show you one of the unique features of this particular model that we really liked. What this is is, they’ve taken the table and they made it into basically like a bar top table. You’ve got a bench on the one side with room for really, six adults on one side. I’m sorry, three adults on one side and three adults on the other. You could easily fit four kids over there and three adults in the chairs on this side. Look at this nice stone facing on the column here that supports the table. Very nice leather seating here. Of course, these bar stools. There’s three of them on this side of the table. Really easy to step up, sit up into, and just feel really comfortable in a nice conversation kind of … Almost not coffee shop type way, but just that close environment of having that bar top table.
We really, really like this, think this is a fantastic feature. I really encourage you, we’ll have the show notes down below in a link where you can go learn more about this particular Sprinter model and get a look at some more pictures and specifications and features about this specific Sprinter. I really encourage you to get out, take a look at it, go ahead have a seat in the bench, have a seat in the chair. It’s really a nice feature and an exciting one that we found at the show. Check out the video notes below. Click on the links. Feel free to share it with your friends, Facebook, like the video, subscribe to the YouTube channel. We’ll have plenty more videos like this coming your way soon. Thanks everybody.

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