How do I winterize my RV?


It’s that time of year again where the warm camping season starts to end and you need to put the camper into storage. Soon everything outside of your kitchen window will start freeze over. Unless you live south in a warm climate or have a heated barn or you plan on using it frequently during the cold months, you will most likely need to winterize your RV. It would be a shame for spring to come and you find frozen and or damaged water lines as these are the most common problems related from not properly winterizing your RV. We use a checklist ourselves and thought why not put it for free on the site? Get it for free here.



What do I need to winterize my RV?

1.)Get Some Non-toxic RV/Marine antifreeze(Should be a red/pink color).

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2.)A wand to clean out the black-water holding tank, if the motorhome doesn’t have a built-in clean out system.

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3. A water heater bypass kit, if your RV  doesn’t have one installed.

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4. A water pump converter kit, or tubing to connect to the inlet side of the water pump.

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5. Basic hand tools to remove and install drain plugs.



 How do I winterize my RV?


Print out this free checklist we made for you to properly Winterize the RV.

Winterize your RV with this Checklist

Just Download, Print, and Winterize!


P.S. Not every model is the same, your Owners Manual might have some specific instructions for your RV beyond what I have made.

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