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Nate:  Hey. This is Nate with RVing Planet.

Mark:  And Mark with campgroundviews.com.

Nate:  And we’re here to show you the new Freedom Express Pilot brand.

Meg:  I’m Meg Grierson and I’m with Coachmen and I represent the Freedom Express as the sales manager and product manager.

Nate:  Could you explain it and give us a little bit of information about how this brand came to be?

Meg:  Sure. Freedom Express is a well-rounded product line, and the segment we were missing was a single axle lightweight. So we came up with the pilot for that segment. And it’s also within a very hot price point within the industry right now which is the 15 to $25,000 retail range. So that’s why we did it.

Nate:  Who would have the most fun with this RV?

Meg:  Actually this size is made for SUVs to be able to pull; we’re around the 3500 to 4000 pound range so some SUVs can pull this. Couples, young couples, older couples, we also have a bunkhouse model, so young families are able to actually purchase this as well.

The Pilot has three floor plans right now, we have this front bed with a rear bath and we have a rear kitchen and then a bunkhouse model. So just about anybody.

Nate:  All right, what’s unique about it?

Meg:  Well, the Freedom Express brand in general is made with a composite material, so instead of luan in our sidewalls we actually have what’s called Azdels which is very awesome because that takes away any chance of a delamination.

The other thing about us that makes us unique is this is actually eight foot wide compared to a lot of our competition that’s seven and a half or seven. And we’re also 81 inches tall on the interior where most everybody else is only 78 inches tall. And what that does is it gives us more space in our cabinets overhead and a higher slide room.

Nate:  All right, what are your top three favorite features about the Pilot?

Meg:  I have more than three, but I’ll tell you. My top three is I love our little fireplace, our fireplace not only gives you the ambience but it also uses electric so that you can use it to warm the coach.

Nate:  It being so close to the bed.

Meg:  It’s very nice, yes. And very nice snuggling at night. We also do a cutting board on our shelf half which is nice to have because that gives you a little extra counter space, plus it also gives you the cutting board access.

And the space, we do a 60 by 80 bed, so it’s a full queen-size bed. It’s not an RV queen that’s usually 60 by 74.

Nate:  Well, thank you, Meg.

Meg:  Thank you.

Nate:  And if you guys want to check out the Freedom Express Pilot you can go on over to rvingplanet.com.