8 Spring RV Camping Tips

If you are planning your first trip to the campground this spring, you won’t want to miss these RV camping tips!  As a full-time RVing mom, I’ve had plenty of experience camping during all seasons, so I’ve put together my top eight RV tips for spring camping.  Now, you’ll be able to make the most of your spring break because you’ll be prepared for anything.


1. Watch the Weather

The best way to prepare for your spring trip is to remember that the weather during these early months can be unpredictable.  Do your best to stay on top of the incoming weather by downloading a weather app like AccuWeather.  Your smartphone will make it easy to get alerts and stay up-to-date with the ever-changing spring season.


2. Plan for Rain

Even if the forecast looks clear for your trip, pack for rain. You’ll want to take a tarp for covering up your outdoor equipment, plenty of towels, and some umbrellas. Additionally, pack rugs for your RV floor to cut down on the dirt and mud tracked inside. An outdoor rug is a great idea, as well, since it can help reduce the dirt and grime that even makes it inside.


3. Take Dehumidifiers

With the high humidity of the spring season, your RV may need a little help keeping the interior humidity low. We solve this issue in our RV by setting up dehumidifiers in the main living area and bathroom. We also have moisture-absorbing tubs set up in most of the cabinets, bedrooms, and other places that tend to get a little damp in fluctuating temperatures.

4. Bug Spray

Beautiful spring flowers like daffodils and tulips aren’t the only thing starting to show their faces in the spring months. Bugs are a problem for anyone at the campground at this time of year. Pack plenty of bug spray and citronella candles to help ward off mosquitos. Additionally, you can throw a bundle of sage into your firepit, and the smoke from the sage will naturally repel the pests.


5. Scout Your Campsite

This is the one tip I can’t stress enough: you want to scout your campsite ahead of time if possible. Because of the uncertain weather, you will want a campsite that is level, easy to back into and pull out of, and made of concrete or gravel. Some campgrounds feature dirt campsites, which turn into mud traps during severe rain and thunderstorms. If you cannot get to the campground yourself before bringing the family and RV, call the campground and ask for details about your campsite before you arrive.
muddy dog

6. Pack in Layers

Temperatures change as often as the weather in the springtime, so you’ll want to pack for almost any weather. The daytime may reach 70-80 degrees, depending on where you are staying; however, the evenings will often dip into the 40s or lower, especially if it has rained. Plan to take layers of clothing so that you can easily adjust your comfort level to the changing temperatures throughout the day.

7. Keep Firewood Dry

No one likes to start a fire with wet wood. My family has spent more than half a day struggling to get a fire going after an unexpected rain, so we’ve learned to take measures to keep our firewood dry. Take along a large plastic container with a lid, like the ones you can use for storage in your attic or closets at home. These plastic bins are ideal for keeping firewood dry overnight or during a rainy day, and they are easy to haul to and from the campground.

Fire starting

8. Don’t Forget Sunscreen

You may experience a lot of rain during your spring break camping trip, but chances are there will be plenty of sunshine, as well! Be sure to pack along plenty of sunblock for you and your kids. My little boy is extremely fair-skinned, so we lather him in SPF 50 before heading out for the day all spring and summer long. This not only helps keep his skin moisturized but it protects him from sunburn and long-term effects of sun damage. Additionally, you can take UV-protected clothing like swim shirts and leggings, sun hats, and UV-protected sunglasses..


Don’t wait too long to book your camping vacation at your favorite destination!  Get out there and make this spring camping trip better than ever with these easy tips.  Browse thousands of RVs for sale at RVing Planet to find the right RV for your family today.