7 Videos that Give You the Advantage when Shopping for An RV

Shopping for a new RV can be an overwhelming process. The second you walk into an RV dealer‘s lot or begin your research online, marketing messages that do not help you make a good decision regarding your purchase bombard you. Wading through the needs, wants, and nice-to-have you’s will often leave you spinning your wheels as you try to make an informed purchase of a new or used RV.

All of us are well-versed on what to look for when buying a home, renting an apartment, or purchasing a condo. It is easy because we all have a long history of living in these type of units. We know what to look for, we know what we want, and we know what questions to ask.

The California RV Show is an event that takes place every year in October on the West Coast. It is the largest RV Show on the West Coast with over 40,000 people attending this last year (2017). The event is a “manufacturer’s show” which means that the actual manufacturers pay for and provide the inventory. Unlike the smaller shows handled by local dealers, the California RV Show allows buyers to negotiate directly with the manufacturer for prices, speak directly with factory representatives, and shop in a much less pressured environment.

RV shows are a great place to go if you are in the market for an RV or camping trailer. RV shows allow you to compare a wide selection of different models, makes, and floorplans–all in one place. To help you make a more educated choice when shopping for an RV, the California RV show in association with campgroundviews.com created these excellent videos for each of the major types of RV styles to provide information that will help you ask the right questions, compare the right features, and better understand what you were looking at when you explore an RV for yourself.

  1. Tips For Buying A Class A
  2. Tips For Buying A Class C
  3. Tips For Buying A Fifth Wheel
  4. Tips For Buying A Bop Up Or Small Camper
  5. Tips For Buying A Toy Hauler
  6. Tips For Buying C Class B RV
  7. Tips For Buying A Travel Trailer

#1. Tips for Buying the Class A

Class A RVs are the big, beautiful RVs that everyone immediately recognizes for comfort and luxury. Prices range from the $60,000 to over $1M range for these types of units. Learn how to understand the difference and what is right for you in this video:

Tips include:

  1. Understanding the importance of Chassis and Drivetrain
  2. The look (body, paint and features)
  3. Storage amenities and storage
  4. Driving characteristics and handling

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#2. Tips for Buying the Class C

Class C is the most recognizable of the drivable RV styles. Set on a van or truck chassis the options, lengths, and features for Class C units make them a great choice for all types of campers. This video teaches you how to weed through the wide selection of features and understand exactly what to look for:

Tips include:

  1. Chassis with camper
  2. What can it tow
  3. Floorplans and features
  4. Fits your style

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#3. Tips for Buying the Fifth Wheel

Fifth wheels are a type of camping trailer that is towed via a hitch mounted in the center of a truck bed. These units tend to be very large, heavy, and filled with great features found in fancy and expensive Class As for a fraction of the price. In this video you will learn the main things to consider when comparing and shopping for the right fifth wheel for you:

Tips include:

  1. Hitch and Suspension
  2. Features storage and designs
  3. Interiors and floorplans
  4. Shop by floorplan

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#4. Tips for Buying the Pop Up or Small Camper

Pops ups are often referred to as entry level RVs but recent updates and feature additions make them a great choice for many. Their small footprint, easy to tow nature, and easy to store advantage make great sense for campers who need something simple to get away in every once in a while. This video provides you with key points to consider when shopping for one:

Tips include:

  1. Design and Your Needs
  2. Looks and functionality

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#5. Tips for Buying the Toy Hauler

Toy haulers have reinvented the way people enjoy and experience camping. By providing an easy way to bring along the big toys, these large units can be a great choice for campers looking to explore and adventure at their destination. This video walks you through some of the key decision points you should consider when shopping for a toy hauler:

Tips include:

  1. Luxury and Fun
  2. Cargo and capacities

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#6. Tips for Buying the Class B RV

Class B is the hottest thing in RVing right now. Manufacturers are designing luxury units in a small footprint that allow you to escape for a road trip in comfort and style. Class B’s are unique in design and features. This video walks you through the key decision sets to consider when shopping for your Class B:

Tips include:

  1. Chassis
  2. Use and features

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#7. Tips For Buying A Travel Trailer

Travel Trailers are the most widely sold RVs available. They are generally affordable and come in a wide variety of lengths, designs, and options. This video provides you with great insight on what to look for and compare when shopping for your next–or first–travel trailer:

Tips include:

  1. Hitch and bumper pull
  2. Know your needs
  3. Many options available
  4. Affordable price points

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