4 Steps to Getting Better RV Trade-In Value

You are ready to sell your RV and possibly ready to purchase a new one. Preparing yourself ahead of time will get you the most money and a quicker sale. Following these guidelines will help you get the most you can out of the trade-in process.


Trade-In Timing

Most people purchase RVs in the Spring and into the Summer camping season.


When trading in your RV to a dealership doing so prior to or at very beginning of the selling season gives the dealership the best opportunity to re-sell what you traded in.


Prepping Your RV

Take the time to properly clean and detail your RV. You can find great RV detailing supplies on Amazon.

Take care of all repairs that are easy to fix. A simple water leak issue drops the value a ton.

Have records of as much maintenance that was done to the RV as possible.

Get an air freshener in there, something mild but a scent that makes you feel good about being inside.

Negotiating How Much Your RV is Worth

The trick is to know the fair market price, we recommend going to NADA and plugging in your model and features to get an estimate.

Negotiating the Next RV You are Going to Buy

If you are planning on ‘trading up, don’t forget to talk them down on the price of the new RV

If they won’t budge on taking the price down, then there is a chance they will bump up your trade-in value even more if you are firm on it.

Now let me ask you a question (or two)…



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