Memorial Day Weekend Camping

by RVMrs 25. May 2012 03:47

So here we are, Memorial Day weekend. Probably the first big camping weekend of the summer. Out and about on the web, I have noticed that there are many states, at least in  the Midwest, reporting that their campgrounds are already filled to capacity. I lost track of how many RVs I have already seen on the road late this week.

Think that you are ready to head out on adventure in an RV? Need to upgrade to a larger RV because the family is growing? Need a toy hauler now that you actually have toys to haul with you for even more adventure? Find RV Dealers in your state or use the RV Finder to view floorplans for thousands of RVs for sale.

A heartfelt thanks to all of the past, present and future service members who have dedicated themselves to our country and our freedom. Happy Memorial Day … Happy Camping!

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Heidi Glaus traveled to Super Bowl XLVI in an RV.

by RVgal 6. February 2012 02:27

Heidi Glaus, from a St. Louis TV station, boarded a Byerly RV to go to Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI. Heidi asked for viewer suggestions for where she should stop on her way to Indianapolis. She received several emails from people suggesting stops in Effingham and Moonshine, Illinois and Terre Haute, Indiana. During this time, Heidi was able to experience RVing as a full time rver.

Below is a video on how Heidi traveled in style.

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Joe Cahn Makes His Living Tailgating

by RVgal 22. November 2011 05:59

In 1996, Joe Cahn sold his business, the New Orleans School of Cooking, and embarked upon a journey that can only be called “one of the best jobs in history” as the self-proclaimed Commissioner of Tailgating. The Commish bought a motorhome and set out to explore “the new American community” -- tailgate parties.

In the 16 seasons he has been "professionally tailgating," Cahn estimates he has visited more than 800 venues and clocked more than 800,000 miles.

WATCH CNN's video with the Commissioner of Tailgating.

FOLLOW The Commish all season long by keeping track of his schedule.

It just goes to show you that there are many ways to enjoy the RV lifestyle.  Get out there, buy a new or used RV, and enjoy all of the benefits that RVing has to offer.

Economy Down Means RVing Picking Up

by Jenny R 11. January 2010 05:22

In this case, the economy being down means that this family picked up RVing as a solution.

With the economy like it was in 2008 and 2009, there are more and more people turning to living in a RV and taking to the road out of necessity, not just out of choice. In the below video originally profiled on the NBC Today Show, this family of five from Washington State decided to live full-time in their fifth wheel trailer after he lost his job as a Vice President of a software company. Falling into the category of non-retired full-time RVers, the family decided to cut their expenses by selling their house, teaching their kids from on-line schooling, and paring down their possessions.  Doing these things cut their monthly fixed housing expenses to about $300 a month, compared to $3,000 a month in their sticks-and-bricks home.  With the economy looking up, the Dad - Dave - now has a job that he can do from the road, but they still see the benefits of going RVing.  It just goes to show you that you don't have to be retired or rich to enjoy the RV lifestyle.  Get out there, buy a new or used RV, and enjoy all of the benefits that RVing has to offer.

Because of the RV- My Dad can Fix Anything

by Jenny R 19. October 2009 09:47

 Growing up on a farm in rural Kansas, I learned many things, but one of the things that I definitely came to believe is Dad can fix anything.  Farmer's have a broad skill set.  For instance, my Dad knows how to roof a house, build furniture, weld metal, predict the weather, fix a disc, clean the air filters on the combine, navigate the coffee shop rumor mill, and much more. 


RV Handyman

The same is true for many RV owners...RV owners can fix anything.  Sure you can hire the maintenance done on your motorhome, take the RV to the mechanic every time something needs to be fixed, and find a reputable RV Dealer when the repairs seem too much and it's time for a new RV.  But, there are savings to be had with doing the work yourself and plus when you do the work yourself, you already know what the ending quality will be.  Most RV owners are plumbers for when solids in the black tank turn to stone, air conditioning specialists for when the Dometic goes on the fritz, and repair people when a wall needs to be resealed and repaired after a water leak.  There is even a RV HandyMan Club for the people who don't just do RV repairs and modifications because they have to, they do it because they want to.  


So, to all of you do-it-yourself RV handymen and women, I would imagine that your grown kids (or your kids at home right now) have been admiring your craftiness and are saying the same thing that I Dad (or Mom) can fix anything. 


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RV helps complete 50 States of Love

by Jenny R 18. September 2009 06:46

Mike and Nicole Boschen were living in New York City when they married, but then they had their daughter Sage and it caused them to re-evaluate life. That's when the idea for their 50 States of Love trip came about. So, they decided to take the leap.

First they sold their businesses, bought a car, packed up their family and hit the road for a nationwide tour in a station wagon. When they got to Texas, they decided to buy a motorhome and keep going on the rest of their trip. The goal of their 50 States of Love trip is to learn from couples who have been married 50 years or longer. What things have made their love last? Then these interviews will be compiled into a book.

To read more about the 50 States of Love project, go to the 50StatesofLove website. That's the beauty of a RV, it allows you to spend more quality time with those around you. It allows you the freedom to travel and explore together. If you are looking to buy a RV, check out the RV Sales page.


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