Heidi Glaus traveled to Super Bowl XLVI in an RV.

by RVgal 6. February 2012 02:27

Heidi Glaus, from a St. Louis TV station, boarded a Byerly RV to go to Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI. Heidi asked for viewer suggestions for where she should stop on her way to Indianapolis. She received several emails from people suggesting stops in Effingham and Moonshine, Illinois and Terre Haute, Indiana. During this time, Heidi was able to experience RVing as a full time rver.

Below is a video on how Heidi traveled in style.

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Joe Cahn Makes His Living Tailgating

by RVgal 22. November 2011 05:59

In 1996, Joe Cahn sold his business, the New Orleans School of Cooking, and embarked upon a journey that can only be called “one of the best jobs in history” as the self-proclaimed Commissioner of Tailgating. The Commish bought a motorhome and set out to explore “the new American community” -- tailgate parties.

In the 16 seasons he has been "professionally tailgating," Cahn estimates he has visited more than 800 venues and clocked more than 800,000 miles.

WATCH CNN's video with the Commissioner of Tailgating.

FOLLOW The Commish all season long by keeping track of his schedule.

It just goes to show you that there are many ways to enjoy the RV lifestyle.  Get out there, buy a new or used RV, and enjoy all of the benefits that RVing has to offer.

RV Brings Fans and Wounded Veterans Together

by RVgal 3. November 2011 06:39

I just came across an article about an RV that brings tailgaters and wounded Veterans together. The RV is called the “Purpose Driven Rehab” - it's a chance for fans and wounded Veterans to enjoy a different type of tailgating experience. Wounded Veterans travel with the RV, and get paid to help set up and break down the RV. During the games they welcome tailgaters to come in the RV and play video games.

So if you are out there tailgating and see the "Purpose Driven Rehab", be sure to stop by and enjoy a game and great conversation with some Veterans!

To view entire newsarticle and video click here.

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Trailer Life iPhone App- Another Fun RV Technology Invention

by Jenny R 22. March 2010 13:44
We have written before about technology for RVer's in a post about Internet phone service.  Now comes another development in technology when you go RVing with a Trailer Life iPhone application.  The iPhone application comes loaded with information, including a complementary issue of the latest Trailer Life Magazine.  After the initial issue, the application allows you to read future issues on the application from wherever you may be on your RV vacation, search Trailer Life articles, review the latest RVs, review tow vehicles, research the best travel destinations, and keep up with the latest industry news.  Buy Trailer Life iPhone application for $1.99 from the iTunes app store.  So, now whether you enjoy traveling in a new or used RV, you can also enjoy all of the latest from Trailer Life magazine.  

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RVing in National Parks - Guns Now Allowed

by Jenny R 23. February 2010 07:26


This week, 94 years of history were overturned when a law went into effect allowing guns in National Parks.  Advocates of the new law say that it is long overdue because guns have been allowed in often adjoining National Forest and other Federal lands for many years.  Those against the new law argue that guns don't belong in US National Parks because it still remains illegal to kill any animals and most rangers still do not carry weapons.  Guns, they argue, will just increase the chance of deadly accidents and intensify any confrontations between park visitors (or between park visitors and wildlife).  

So, what do you think?  Is your next RV Vacation camping packing list going to include bug spray, food, and your rifle?  Or, do you prefer that guns stay out of National Parks?

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The RV Industry Centennial- Who else is celebrating 100 years?

by Jenny R 9. February 2010 02:58

This year, 2010, the RV industry celebrartes 100 years.  As the RVIA pointed out in an article released to mark the RV industry centennial, the year 1910 marks the invention of the first motorized campers. It also points out that,  RV's were around even if ample gas stations, paved roads, and highways were not. 

A centennial celebration is quite an accomplishment, so we at RVingPlanet thought that it would be fun to look at what other organizations and businesses were also founded in 1910 and will celebrate right along with the RV industry:

Westar Energy
Hallmark Cards
Morton Salt
Black & Decker 

Organizations and Industry
The Boy Scouts of America
Columbia Music and Entertainment

So, just think of it, we can now drive around in our RVs, listen to music while repairing the RV with our Black & Decker tools, and help our sons/grandsons on their Boy Scout badge.  In the meatime, we can remember our nieces birthday with a Hallmark card and she can read the card under a lamp powered by Westar Energy.  Lastly, we can sit down to a nice evening meal to celebrate another great RV vacation and salt our favorite foods, all because of the things that happened in the year 1910. 

Happy birthday to the RV Industry!  May there be many more RV sales and RV adventures to come.  


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RV Internet Phone Service - Freely, Freely Call

by Jenny R 16. December 2009 07:39

It used to be that if you were on the road as a fulltime RVer or on an extended RV vacation, it was difficult to stay in touch with family and friends back home.  Then came the increased availability of cell phones, laptop computers, air cards, and Wifi in RV campgrounds.  With these inventions, things started to change and it was suddenly much easier to be connected to the world outside of your RV and RV park.

As you probably know, technology changes quickly and now there have been some exciting innovations in internet phone service as well.  Namely, there are some new key players in the RV phone service market.  Skype, Vonage, MagicJack, Comcast and Google Voice are all providers in this internet phone service industry.  Sure, your cell phone can be used nationwide and is a great option for phone service, but what if you are on a fixed budget and need a more affordable option?  Or maybe you are a snowbird or just use your RV for vacations and have been wondering about internet phone service for everyday use.  What do these phone service internet providers have to offer and how does it fit a possible frugal RV lifestyle?  Here is a brief overview of what each one offers:


Skype permits you to make calls over the Internet and there is no cost to set up an account.  A Skype call to another Skype user is free and you can see that user through video if both of you have a web cam.   For a small fee, you can also use your Skype account to call someone's land-line or cell phone. With Skype, you talk through your computer. 

Price:  Free Sykpe to Skype.  No Monthly Fee.  Small Fee for calls to land-lines or cell phones.

Talk through:   Computer


On Vonage, all you need is a touch-tone phone, a Vonage phone adapter, and a high-speed Internet connection.  You speak through the phone, not your computer, and can even keep your old phone number.  Basically, your phone uses your existing Internet connection instead of a separate phone jack.  Your phone and computer don't really need each other, except for to share your Internet hook-up. 

Price: $24.99 a month and up.

Talk through:  Phone 


MagicJack is a device that you plug into your USB port of your computer and then you plug your existing phone into the jack.  You can then make local and long distance calls just like you did with a regular phone connection.  

Price:  $40.00 initial and $20.00 PER YEAR there after

Talk through:  Phone 

Google Voice and Comcast are two other options.  Comcast has actually overtaken Vonage now in the number digital phone (Voice Over IP, VOIP) customers that they have.  Google Voice is currently available by invitation only, but will be something to look for as a possible RV phone option in the future. 

Looking for a reputable RV Dealer to buy your next RV from?  Check out RV dealers on RVingPlanet!


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Ebook Readers for RVers- The perfect fit

by Jenny R 1. December 2009 01:23

There are many RVer's who love to read, but a RV has very limited space and if you bring very many books with you, books start to take up a lot of area quickly.  The problem is especially compounded if you are a fultime RVer who doesn't have a permanent stationary residence.  When you carry all of your worldly possessions with you in the motorhome, space for books may be your last priority or that space can be very limited.

Well, you book-loving RV owners are in luck.  Recent technological advances, ebook readers, are suited perfectly for your book-to-space problems. There are actually quite a few Ebook readers currently out on the market.  Some of the more notable names include the Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader Digital Book, iPhone Ereader Application, Asus Ebook Reader, and Barnes & Noble Ebook Reader.

One of the most popular is the Amazon Kindle.  In October 2009, the Amazon Kindle announced an International launch and then in November 2009, Amazon proclaimed that sales of the Kindle have broken single-month sales records.  While I haven’t seen official statistics of who the buyers of the Kindle are, I think that it is fair to assume that many RVer’s are part of this customer base as well as other’s who like to read on the go.

These Ebook readers are often lighter than the typical paperback and with wireless technology built right into the device, books can be downloaded right to Ereader from anywhere.  Choose from thousands of titles of books available and store up to 1,500 books in the reader.  The Ebook reader reads like real paper and the screen does not glare even in bright sunlight.

So, if you are an RVer who loves to read or you are someone who needs a gift for a RVer, an Ebook Reader might just be the perfect fit for the RV lifestyle.

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RVs in Recent TV and Movies

by Jenny R 9. July 2009 01:32
RV’s have recently been in the spotlight in more mainstream ways.  Sure, RV’s have been in movies before, like 1989’s “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” with Cousin Eddie coming to visit.  But, in 2006, Robin Williams brought RV’s to the big screen with the movie entitled “RV” with a RV more prominently featured.   “RV” is about the dysfunctional McNeive family who set out on a Rocky Mountain adventure and all of their mishaps along the way.  Then premiering in July 2009, NBC’s “The Great American Road Trip” is a series where seven families from divergent backgrounds are selected to take the RV journey of a lifetime.

So, are these kinds of RV shows and RV movies good for RV sales and RV vacations as a whole?  Will it get more people, who have never tried RVing, to buy or rent a RV from RV Dealers and try it for themselves?  Will these shows serve to change the uneducated perception of what RVing is all about and who RVs?  Or, do these shows do little to forward the RV industry as a whole?  

After reading many forum posts on this subject, I have found that there are mixed reviews on if the current mediums featuring RV’s are hurting or helping public perception and RV usage.  The general consensus from most of the forums is that these shows are not doing the RVing world real justice.  I guess time will tell if these sources increase the sale of new and used RVs.  Until then, it’s up to the user whether to watch or not to watch the current offers put out there by Hollywood.  


Welcome to RVingPlanet

by Kevin W. 5. May 2009 07:54

While there are many RVing websites to look through for information on RVs, the manufacturers that make them, and the dealers that sell them we couldn't find a single source website to go and get it all one place.

So, the concept of RVingPlanet was born back in 2006.  Based on the desire for folks to read and submit their own ratings and reviews of the RVs they love and the RV Dealers they do business with.  A place to get the lowdown, the scoop on what RVing products other folks find valuable and which ones may not be for you.  A place to get a feel for the honesty and quality of service from RV Dealerships across the country and the world.

RVingPlanet is a work in progress.  Good things take time and require the participation of folks like you to rate and review both RVs and Dealers alike.  We can provide all the info about the RVs and dealers, but it's up to you to tell others how you feel about it all.

Thank you for your interest in RVingPlanet and we look forward to together building a great RVing community!

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