Can I Tow That RV? Answered. RV Towing Capacity.

by Jenny R 25. January 2010 07:10



There is a new website now available that will show you if your vehicle is able to tow the RV that you are looking to purchase.  This tow rating guide is part of the website RV Buyers Guide

If you read the RV forums for very long, you will see that one of the most common questions that RV owners and those looking to buy a RV is, "will I be able to tow that?"  No matter if you are looking at a fifth wheel, travel trailer, toy hauler, or a camper..."can I tow that?" is a very valid and important question.  Trailer towing information is so important because it can be very dangerous and illegal if your tow vehicle is not big enough to pull the camper that you have.

With this towing capacity tool it will tell you if you are able to tow the camper, travel trailer, toy hauler, or fifth wheel of your choice.  Just choose your current vehicle, choose your vehicle criteria, and the tow ratings tool will show you all of the RVs that you will be able to tow.  It is that simple and it is just the tool that you are needing to decide if you can tow that RV that you have been drooling over.  So, go ahead, buy that used RV with confidence knowing that you will be able to tow it.


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Economy Down Means RVing Picking Up

by Jenny R 11. January 2010 05:22

In this case, the economy being down means that this family picked up RVing as a solution.

With the economy like it was in 2008 and 2009, there are more and more people turning to living in a RV and taking to the road out of necessity, not just out of choice. In the below video originally profiled on the NBC Today Show, this family of five from Washington State decided to live full-time in their fifth wheel trailer after he lost his job as a Vice President of a software company. Falling into the category of non-retired full-time RVers, the family decided to cut their expenses by selling their house, teaching their kids from on-line schooling, and paring down their possessions.  Doing these things cut their monthly fixed housing expenses to about $300 a month, compared to $3,000 a month in their sticks-and-bricks home.  With the economy looking up, the Dad - Dave - now has a job that he can do from the road, but they still see the benefits of going RVing.  It just goes to show you that you don't have to be retired or rich to enjoy the RV lifestyle.  Get out there, buy a new or used RV, and enjoy all of the benefits that RVing has to offer.