Because of the RV- My Dad can Fix Anything

by Jenny R 19. October 2009 09:47

 Growing up on a farm in rural Kansas, I learned many things, but one of the things that I definitely came to believe is Dad can fix anything.  Farmer's have a broad skill set.  For instance, my Dad knows how to roof a house, build furniture, weld metal, predict the weather, fix a disc, clean the air filters on the combine, navigate the coffee shop rumor mill, and much more. 


RV Handyman

The same is true for many RV owners...RV owners can fix anything.  Sure you can hire the maintenance done on your motorhome, take the RV to the mechanic every time something needs to be fixed, and find a reputable RV Dealer when the repairs seem too much and it's time for a new RV.  But, there are savings to be had with doing the work yourself and plus when you do the work yourself, you already know what the ending quality will be.  Most RV owners are plumbers for when solids in the black tank turn to stone, air conditioning specialists for when the Dometic goes on the fritz, and repair people when a wall needs to be resealed and repaired after a water leak.  There is even a RV HandyMan Club for the people who don't just do RV repairs and modifications because they have to, they do it because they want to.  


So, to all of you do-it-yourself RV handymen and women, I would imagine that your grown kids (or your kids at home right now) have been admiring your craftiness and are saying the same thing that I Dad (or Mom) can fix anything. 


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Green RV and Green RVing makes it to TV

by Jenny R 4. October 2009 14:17


Originally featured on HGTV Canada in 2007, this solar powered, high-style portable RV home, has only a 325 square foot floor plan. Packed in to this square footage is an upstairs, storage, kitchen and about any other amenities that you could possibly want in a motorhome. One of the best things about this RV is that it is environmentally-friendly and it is all-weather. The RV is built to fit into any climate, any time of year.Check out this site to see this and other unique RVs.

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by Jenny R 4. October 2009 14:00
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