How to Organize a RV

by Kevin W. 18. April 2013 09:22

If you own or have even been in a RV like a travel trailer, fifthwheel, or motorhome one of the first things you notice is that there isn't alot of room.  Even a large fifth wheel may only have 400 square feet of living space.  So, how do you organize or de-clutter your camper?

Rachel Ray did a segment recently on de-cluttering a RV fifth-wheel.  One of her main points was making sure you have the appropriate bins, totes, or boxes that fit the cupboard areas well so you don't lose the space at the rear of the cabinet.

I know exactly what she is referring to here because it's happened to me way too many times.  You know the drill ... after 5 months of weekend camping you end up discovering you did have that bottle of syrup in the cupboard and now you have two, which of course you don't need taking up the space in your much needed cupboards.

You can read the full Rachel Ray artilce here.



Old Airstream Becomes Recording Studio

by Kevin W. 26. March 2013 01:56

I never thought of turning an Airstream RV into a recording studio, but some folks from Austin have and frankly, it's pretty cool.

The idea came from morning show host JB Hager of Mix 94.7.  The purpose?  To actually use it with up and coming artists.  Check out the story here.

It's truly amazing what you can do with an old airstream.  A simple search on for unique airstreams or custom airstream campers will give you a look into the crazy world of airstream restoration.  Maybe one day I'll be brave enough and have enough time to put into customizing one of my own.

Until then...


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10 Factors That Determine RV Insurance Rate

by Kevin W. 15. March 2013 08:22

After wanting an RV for years, you have finally purchased one. Now, you and your family can go on some exciting and enthralling expeditions across the country, and you'll have all of the comforts of home with you. Before you put your foot on the gas pedal, you'll need to obtain insurance. What factors will determine the price of this rv insurance?

1. The Company Used
As with any insurance policy, the company you use is going to play a major factor in the price. Be sure to shop around for different quotes before you make the decision to go with any one company.

2. Your Driving Record
Whenever you purchase insurance for a vehicle, your driving record is going to come into play. The better a record you have, the lower your insurance rates are likely to be. Even if they are high now, hopefully you can lower them by being a good driver.

3. RV Type
Different models and makes of RVs are going to require various types of insurance. When you're at the dealership, you can always call your insurance company to find out how much money one type is going to cost over another one so that you have the final cost.

4. Storage Location
RV Lifestyle Expert's article "The 13 Factors That Determine Your Insurance Rate" by Paul Bender notes that where you store your RV is going to have a role as well. For example, if it's stored in an area with a lot of severe weather, the rate could be higher.

5. Classes You Take
From having a car, you're probably familiar with courses you can take to lower your insurance rate. Find out if any of these are available for people who have RVs, and be sure to take them for a lower cost.

6. Usage Type
Bender also discusses how the vehicle is used as a component for the amount of insurance you'll need to pay. For example, someone who is living in his or her RV year-round is likely going to have to pay more insurance than someone who uses it for vacations only.

7. Other Insurance Policies
Try to put all of your cars, the house and the RV onto the same insurance policy. When you bundle all of these items together, it's likely that your rate will be lower than if you didn't.

8. RV Driving History
Another topic discussed by Bender is your past experience driving an RV. Individuals who have driven one before are likely to see lower insurance rates than those who are brand new to the field.

9. Age of RV
As you probably know from having a car, and as Bender highlights, the older the RV is, the less the insurance is likely to be. Of course, you want to weigh this with repairs that an older vehicle could need.

10. Credit Score
Your credit score can also impact your insurance rate (Bender). It might not have a gigantic effect, but individuals who have better credit scores may have lower insurance rates than do those with poor credit scores.

Quite a number of factors go into the insurance rate you will receive. Remember, call a few different companies to see what packages they have available to you.  Check out rv insurance providers.
Author Jason Harter is an ex-military man who used to spend his days doing mechanical work on planes. He now spends his time working on RV's. He received his original degree from one of the The Top 10 Best Online Colleges for Military and G.I. Bill.

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Considerations in Buying Your Recreational Vehicle

by Kevin W. 11. March 2013 06:52

If you enjoy traveling, but you do not enjoy the hassle of dealing with the strict check-in and check-out times, you might consider buying a recreational vehicle.  This is a great choice for people who enjoy making their own decisions when they travel.  If you choose a location that does not have a hotel, it will no longer be a problem!  Before you go out and buy a recreational vehicle, there are some things you need to consider.

Which Recreational Vehicle? First, ask yourself what kind of recreational vehicle is right for your circumstances.  You might only need a simple  pop-up camper, tow-behind camper or a large motor home.  There are big differences in each unit as well as the costs for each unit.  Visiting several dealers and viewing the different rv types that will give you a better idea of what will work best for you.

New or Used? Most people will prefer a new model recreational vehicle over a used one.  Saving money on a recreational vehicle may not be on the top of your list, but it should be considered.  More often than not, used rvs are in better shape than you would think.  They are usually very well cared for, and the little bugs in the plumbing and electrical systems are usually correctible.  The discount in price can be up to 50 percent off the cost of a new one.  A used recreational vehicle does require a good inspection.  Hiring a rv service center to have it checked over is always a good idea.  Check to see there is enough sleeping room for everyone in the family, and make sure you can all eat together if that is what you enjoy.

Which Financing Option – You want to think about how you will finance your recreational vehicle.  If you have cash and can pay for the recreational vehicle without getting a loan, this is your best bet.  If you require financing, visit a local credit union or bank to see what kind of rates you can get for a loan.  Normally, you will get better rates at a local bank.  Recreational vehicle loans are considered risky by banks because they depreciate so much in the first few years.

Negotiating the Price – Once you have selected the type and model recreational vehicle you want and you have the financing in order, you want to talk to the local dealer and negotiate your purchase price.  Unless you have money to throw away, do not just agree to the asking price.  Get several quotes from different dealers so that you can use this when negotiating price.  Always try to aim for 20 percent below the suggested retail price, and do not be afraid to walk away from a deal if the dealer will not negotiate.  There are too many dealers from all around who will want your business.

Whether you buy a new or used recreational vehicle, choose something you like, and negotiate a good deal before you purchase.  Always consider buying a warranty for your recreational vehicle so that you are protected.  Last, but not least, get out on the road, and enjoy your time away with family.

About the Author: Jason Harter is a mechanic who works almost exclusively on RVs. His, and many other career paths, can be found on the list of Top 10 Highest Paying Careers for Mechanics.


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Memorial Day Weekend Camping

by RVMrs 25. May 2012 03:47

So here we are, Memorial Day weekend. Probably the first big camping weekend of the summer. Out and about on the web, I have noticed that there are many states, at least in  the Midwest, reporting that their campgrounds are already filled to capacity. I lost track of how many RVs I have already seen on the road late this week.

Think that you are ready to head out on adventure in an RV? Need to upgrade to a larger RV because the family is growing? Need a toy hauler now that you actually have toys to haul with you for even more adventure? Find RV Dealers in your state or use the RV Finder to view floorplans for thousands of RVs for sale.

A heartfelt thanks to all of the past, present and future service members who have dedicated themselves to our country and our freedom. Happy Memorial Day … Happy Camping!

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Where to start to find the right RV

by RVMrs 17. May 2012 04:08

Driving down the interstate lat Friday, I noticed all of the RVs that were on the road heading for some fun destination. Got me to thinking about what one might do if they wanted to find an RV for their family to join in on heading off to a fun destination.

Start your RV Education learing about definitions and various other information for those new to the world of RVs. If you already know which type of RV that you want (ie a travel trailer, fifth wheel and so on), check out the RV finder for various features within each type.

Let’s say that you have decided on a travel trailer; don’t rule out checking into used travel trailers. Most of the time, you can get more bang for your buck by choosing a used RV. Especially if you are just beginning your adventures and want to watch those dollar signs, starting with a used RV allows you the opportunity to go camping for a season and make some observations. You can note what works and what doesn’t, what you wish you had and so on. And you can trade in on another RV that better meets your needs without taking as much of a loss. Starting with that used unit won’t make you feel like you have to camp in it for 10 years to get your monies’ worth.

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Heidi Glaus traveled to Super Bowl XLVI in an RV.

by RVgal 6. February 2012 02:27

Heidi Glaus, from a St. Louis TV station, boarded a Byerly RV to go to Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI. Heidi asked for viewer suggestions for where she should stop on her way to Indianapolis. She received several emails from people suggesting stops in Effingham and Moonshine, Illinois and Terre Haute, Indiana. During this time, Heidi was able to experience RVing as a full time rver.

Below is a video on how Heidi traveled in style.

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Joe Cahn Makes His Living Tailgating

by RVgal 22. November 2011 05:59

In 1996, Joe Cahn sold his business, the New Orleans School of Cooking, and embarked upon a journey that can only be called “one of the best jobs in history” as the self-proclaimed Commissioner of Tailgating. The Commish bought a motorhome and set out to explore “the new American community” -- tailgate parties.

In the 16 seasons he has been "professionally tailgating," Cahn estimates he has visited more than 800 venues and clocked more than 800,000 miles.

WATCH CNN's video with the Commissioner of Tailgating.

FOLLOW The Commish all season long by keeping track of his schedule.

It just goes to show you that there are many ways to enjoy the RV lifestyle.  Get out there, buy a new or used RV, and enjoy all of the benefits that RVing has to offer.

RV Brings Fans and Wounded Veterans Together

by RVgal 3. November 2011 06:39

I just came across an article about an RV that brings tailgaters and wounded Veterans together. The RV is called the “Purpose Driven Rehab” - it's a chance for fans and wounded Veterans to enjoy a different type of tailgating experience. Wounded Veterans travel with the RV, and get paid to help set up and break down the RV. During the games they welcome tailgaters to come in the RV and play video games.

So if you are out there tailgating and see the "Purpose Driven Rehab", be sure to stop by and enjoy a game and great conversation with some Veterans!

To view entire newsarticle and video click here.

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It's TailGating Time!

by RVgal 12. October 2011 04:58

Are you planning on traveling by an RV to watch your favorite teams this season?

Many sports fans travel to watch games even if they can’t get tickets - they just want to be close to the action. Traveling by RV is the easiest, most convenient way to join in the fun of college or NFL games. RVs offer plenty of space and access to everything that you need. Don’t have an RV? Consider renting one or purchasing a Used RV for Sale.

Here are a few tips for planning the perfect RV tailgating party:

  • Plan ahead. Contact the stadium to see if you need to reserve a specific space. This is also a good time to review the rules and requirements of that stadium.  Don’t forget, many college towns welcome sports fan with designated RV parking and some even allow overnight stays – be sure to ask.

  • Know what to serve. Search out great tailgate recipes online. FoodNetwork site offers 100 fumble proof tailgate recipes.

  • Have your accessories. Be sure to have enough chairs and tables for all your friends! Also, since it is football season, there’s nothing that would be more awesome to add to your RV than an outdoor entertainment center or a stainless steel grill. If you don’t have these options on your RV right now, contact your local RV dealer and see about adding it to your outside storage department.

  • Clean up. Pick up your trash and make sure that your area is clean before you leave.

Great sites to help you plan your next tailgating party:


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