3/22 – JK – Nate, I added a simple “readmore” shortcode to achieve this and any other “Read More/Less” requests. I put this on a test page for you to verify and copy from (http://www.rvingplanet.com/blog/tester/). The shortcode triggers this plugin here: http://jedfoster.com/Readmore.js/ and I have added some parameters in the shortcode to make it quite versatile.

The parameters are:
‘more_link’ -> ‘Read more‘,
‘less_link’ -> ‘Read less‘,
‘collapsed_height’ -> ‘200’,
‘align_top’ -> false

The ‘more_link’, ‘less_link’, and ‘collapsed_height’ control the correlating parameters from the readmore.js plugin. The ‘align_top’ adds some extra CSS I added to put the link at the top of the content being hidden instead of the bottom like the default that the plugin has.

Skype me if you have questions.



Intro:  Welcome to another episode of The RVing Life Chats, bringing the best of RV and RVing gear shopping tips to you directly from the mouths of experienced, been there done that RVers. Today’s show is sponsored by RVingPlanet.com. And now here’s your host Kevin Wallenbeck.

Kevin:  Today on the show we’ve got Mark Koep, he’s the founder and CEO of CampgroundViews.com where he’s focusing his efforts on making your camping trips amazing. As a virtual entrepreneur he and his family has spent the last eight years traveling in a motor home, and he’s basically building a tool that helps you discover what makes this country awesome. And we will get to more about his tool here at the end of the show today. But he’s an expert in communicating the RV lifestyle and takes every chance possible to plan your perfect RV adventure. He’s been a guest speaker on many, many places like the Outdoor Hospitality Expo, he’s been on Fox and NBC affiliates. And Mark is the go-to expert and answer the question guy on what is so great about RVing. So welcome to the show, Mark. How are you today?

Mark:  Good. Thank you for having me, Kevin.

Kevin:  Yeah, fantastic. So I see you got some sunshine there behind you, so where are you guys camping out today?

Mark:  We find ourselves in Southern California route in the city of Santa Paula which is a rural Ventura County, kind of in a farm country, so surrounded by strawberries and oranges. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Kevin:  Nice. That’s fantastic, so I know that for all you listeners out there and those are watching today, Mark’s basically going to share a bit today about his RV shopping experience as it relates to kind of the lifestyle choices that he’s making as he was shopping for his RV. So I mean at the end of the time together we’re actually going to have some tools to help you on your own RV buyers journey. So hang on till the end and make sure to get access to those free resources. So Mark, we’re going to jump right into what our listeners want, so just how long have you been an RVer, how did you get into RVing, and then what’s your current RV?

Mark:  Yeah, we’re probably a little different. So it started, we’re young, my wife was 25, I was 30 and we got to talk and said, “Well, what would we do if we have all the money in the world?” And we said, “Well, it was easy. We travel.” I said, “Okay, well, we don’t have all the money in the world. Can we do that?” And we said, “Well, yeah, we can.” I had a virtual business at a time, my specialty is internet marketing, web design.

So it took us a year of planning, really kind of setting … putting our ducks in a row and we hit the road. We bought a fifth wheel and started traveling. And our original plan was to do it for a year, year and a half. And the second we got out and into the RV lifestyle it was for us. And so we’re going to be coming up on eight years here in two months and we have a son now who’s 4 years old. And we’ve just been loving the RV lifestyle.